Interview with blogger Ankit Sharma, a young and dynamic engineering student

Interview with engineering student, Ankit Sharma who is a blogger by passion and by hobby and wants to continue in the blogging profession and become an e-entrepreneur in this field. Some of his popular blogs are Khabar Villa Network, UPTU Khabar, WebTech Villa and MTU Khabar. Read more about the young blogger Ankit Sharma.

We recently had a talk with Ankit Sharma who is an engineering student and started blogging two years back. He is very passionate about blogging and gave us a chance to have talk with him. Find more about him in the following conversation.
Blogger interview with Ankit Sharma, a young and dynamic engineering student

Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

I am Ankit Sharma. I am Indian by birth, blogger by choice, webmaster by passion and turning to be an e-entrepreneur by profession. I am a simple person and loves to help everyone as far as it is possible for me. Presently I am an engineering student pursuing B tech(3rd year) from ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida.

How old are you? What is the role of your parents in your blogs?

I was born 20 years ago in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. I have been blogging for almost 4 years. But I have taken blogging seriously just two years ago. First the two years it was just experiments for me to enter into this online world of beautiful things. I learned almost all basics of blogging in those two years. Currently I run my own network of Blogs, called Khabar Villa Network (KVN) which has many blogs under it. Some are already well developed and some are under construction. Overall, KVN has 20 + blogs in it.

Yes, my family members helps me a lot in blogging. My parents support me morally. As I am an Engineering student as well as a blogger, I was not willing to take risk with my studies. Unlike parents of other students, my parents does not scold me to take studies as a priority. They just recommend me to judge aptly. I have a brother (Ayush) also, who helps me a lot in blogging. I would say, I am currently managing a very big team of bloggers, but this would have not been possible without his support. He is looking after all tech blogs in my network.

How did you start your first blog?

This is a very interesting thing to tell. Let me share my story. I was in class 12 and as a studies oriented guy, I was making a Google search for "Previous year question papers for CBSE class 12". During my search, I came across a site called India Study Channel (ISC). ISC amused me a lot. And I wanted to be apart of it. Consequently I registered there. I think, that was really a good decision that I made at that point. That decision is the reason that made me a blogger.

Later on I spent much of my time on ISC. Unlike other members, I was not able to contribute much to the community, but yes, I spent more time on reading other's stuff and gaining knowledge from those. I joined ISC in January 2010 and remained active there for about two years. In those 2 years I learnt everything from experts, their forums answers, their blogging tips, posting knowledge, SEO basics and lot more. I earned my first online income from there (Rs 300) which made me believe that yes online earning is really possible. I also got my Google AdSense approved through ISC. I also got much support from the owner of ISC (Mr. Tony John). He helped me every time I had any doubt. I just want to say I still remember those days and feel that those days were splendid.

Gradually with time, I came to know about blogging (via ISC), and started my first blog in the year 2011 ( may be July). That blog is MTU Khabar. This was my first ever blog that I created with the intention to give a try to blogging. Of course, as a new comer to blogging, I did not have much funds, so I started my blog with But slowly, I was getting good response for that blog. I was getting good traffic and visitors for MTU Khabar. This was the time, I started earning actually from AdSense. My AdSense income was my motivation for me to continue with blogging. Then, I decided to make my career in blogging seeing success in my first ever blog. Though income was not so good for first few months, but at least there was a hope that yes, it can be easily taken to a next / higher level.

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What makes your blog interesting to your current readers?

There are a few basic reasons why my blogs become famous and get high traffic. One of the basic reason is that I blog about those niche which are not already covered. For example: I have a one of my ongoing blog called UPTU Khabar. I always write on such topics which are not covered by my competitors. I try to make it very professional in look and in the approach of the blog post. I also take care of target="_blank">SEO on my page which can make my articles rank higher in search engines. I don't need to give much proof. I launched UPTU Khabar blog about three months ago, and today It is competing with blogs of much older age and authority. Within three months, this blog has attained a good online name, fame and authority. Today this blog gets an average of 6000 visitors a day. During some special occasions like result declaration, or some important notice, blog traffic grows up to even 40K + a day.

Not only this. I follow some good strategies also to make my blog famous. I use social networking through Facebook to make my brand popular in online world whereas, I use colleges attached with UPTU to make my brand famous in offline world like becoming Media Partner in fest, conducting interviews of high college authorities, and similar other tasks. These things certainly matter a lot. It makes your branding stronger.

Since blogging is a online thing, You have to pay more focus on making it famous in online world. In facebook, I have around 8K+ followers for UPTU Khabar within 3 months. And hope they will increase with time.

One more thing that I would like to mention is a single person cannot manage everything. So it will be better if you can arrange a team for you that will support your cause. And this is what I did. I collected a few members through facebook pages of my blogs and a team of editors are working in the blog. I gave them initial training and they started doing well very soon. Credit of success of my blog (UPTU Khabar) goes to my team who did their work sincerely.

What are the topics you blog about?

I blog on educational and technology niche. But my main focus is on educational niche. The reason is that it is still unexplored and has much strength to make out living for someone very easily just by showing some smart work. I maintain tech blogs also. But I do not pay much attention on those blogs and do not blog regularly on them. But still they are doing well.

How do you keep up to date knowledge on blogging techniques?

I basically don't have time to update my knowledge base manually. It automatically updates via many options. I have some of my blogger friends in my facebook friend-list. They share their knowledge through blog post and I always try to read them. Secondly what I do is, whenever I visit any good site, I subscribe for it's emails / newsletters. So whenever there is something good published in the site, I get notifications on my mail. Third thing is, I use Google for every time I find myself in problem and it is the ultimate source of knowledge.

What are the technology websites and blogs you are associated with?

Currently, I have one technology site/blog : Webtech Villa, where I write articles on various tech related topic along with my brother. I use this blog in multipurpose way. Whenever any of my team member have any question/doubt, I try to solve it by posting a tutorial related to it on my tech blog. This has two advantages. Firstly your team members will be satisfied as he will get an accurate answer and secondly you have made a post finally. This means that there are chances that your blog can rank for the questions you just covered in your site.

How is your normal working day?

I spend most of my time online, maintaining my blogs and websites. On a regular day, I use to give 5+ hours to my online activities after being back from college. On a holiday, I spend 10 + hours online.

Which webmaster/blogger is your role model?

I have been truly inspired from two people in the online world :

  • Mr. Tony John from India Study Channel

  • Mr. Soumya Pratihari from Techcular

  • In addition to these two people, I am inspired from one of my friend Chirag Sachdeva. Though he blogs alone in his blogs, his dedication always inspired me to act like him.

    According to you, what is the future of blogging?

    It depends on how you take the risk. According to me there is going to be good future in blogging. But it should also be noted that competition is increasing in every field. So as is the trend in blogging. So you must be pretty smart to try your luck in blogging. If you want to be full time blogger, then you must have to be smart worker rather than to be a hard worker. Smart work here means that the niche you should choose must not have much competitors and should have a wide audience to view your blog.

    Are you planning to be a full time blogger?

    Yes, I am definitely going to be a full time blogger. I am just waiting for my degree / graduation to be completed. I have so many plans, stuff to play. And I am pretty much sure that I will be successful in them. Even I have started executing those plans. But since there is shortage of time, I cannot see the quick results.

    Would you like to share your earnings?

    Not this time. I would not like to disclose my earning. But I want to tell that it is sufficient for me to pay my team some pocket money and is enough for me to make my living. I don't have to rely on my parents anymore for my expenses.

    Do you use affiliate marketing to earn revenue? What is your advice to others on affiliate marketing?

    I use affiliate marketing. I suggest one should try affiliate marketing apart from advertising. Affiliate marketing can be different for different niches. Just act and search accordingly. As for me, I try to cover local market.

    Which source of revenue you suggest as an alternative to Google AdSense?

    In terms of advertising revenue, I think there can be no best alternative to Google AdSense. But it is wise to use more than one advertising platform. I use Yahoo ads and infolinks ads on my blogs apart from Google AdSense. I also try experimenting other advertising networks on my blogs.

    Which are the online social communities you are most active on?

    There are many bloggers and webmasters communities on Facebook. I mostly remain online there. You can find me at:

    Most big bloggers have reported that their revenue has been coming down in last few years due to high competition. How is your earnings and traffic growing?

    In my case, I have seen my traffic increasing along with the income. Never seen any downfall in either of them. As I told earlier, It's just the matter of choice of your blogging niche.

    How did blogging help you personally other than making money?

    It helped me a lot seriously. I have learnt many things. I got not only money from this online world, but also name, fame and respect at all connections I have in society. As I am a student, I am quite famous among students as well as teachers groups. Blogging also made my outlook more professional.

    How do you socialize?

    I socialize through Facebook. Even for my each blog I have a separate Facebook page, through which I keep my visitors informed about the latest post of my blog.

    Did your blogs ever get affected by Panda/Penguin penalties? What advice would you like to give to other bloggers to avoid Panda/Penguin penalties?

    I have personally been never affected from any of the Google animals hits. I think, these hits are a good measure taken by Google to show more quality results in search engine. Moreover this also tries to reduce some black hat SEO used by some of the bloggers. My advice to people is that if you want to avoid these animal updates from Google on your blog, I would just suggest you to provide quality stuffs to your readers and don't ever try to trick Google. Google is much more smarter than you can think of. So just provide original and quality content. And use updated SEO knowledge.

    What do you think about the future of SEO?

    As far as I think, a blogger must not think to care about off page SEO of his blog. Only on the page SEO is sufficient. If you really want to see the effect of best SEO for your blog, then forget about SEO completely and focus on quality content that your readers demand, and then you will surely see good results.

    What do you advice - focus on a single site or create several sites in various niche?

    Depends on the situation. If you are a single person to manage your blogs, don't recommend you to go for multiple blogs on various niche and rather just focus on a single site. But if you have a really good team (As in my case), then it will be best to maintain several blogs each on a different niche to get maximum profit output from your blogs.

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