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Affiliate marketing is a very simple way of making money for people who wish to make money online. In affiliate marketing you sell third party products and services online (or in some cases offline too)and you are paid a certain percentage or a fixed amount for every sale that happens through you. Affiliate marketing is also known as Pay-Per-Performance Marketing. Affiliate marketing is beneficial to the companies for selling their products as cost of acquiring a sale is minimum and they have to pay just the affiliates who get sales. Affiliate marketing is widely used by bloggers, webmasters and several other people for making decent income online.

Generally a person who wishes to make money from affiliate marketing has to signup as an affiliate with the affiliate marketing companies. Once you are successfully registered, verified and completed other simple formalities, you can start selling the products. Almost all top affiliate marketing companies give their affiliates different collateral and marketing material like your own unique affiliate link (through which products sold by you can be tracked), banners and text link ads for your blog or website, mailers and various other things. Your job is to just use this material and generate sales.

If you are looking for starting affiliate marketing than it is one of the best ways of making some decent money. If done with proper approach then it can also help you to make handsome income every month.
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