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10 Best Shared Hosting Deals For Bloggers In 2024

If you are checking out the best options for hosting your blog or website, the shared hosting is perhaps the best and most affordable option that you would wish to explore. Are you looking for some excellent deals on the best shared hosting services? Let us explore the best options in this post.

CDN vs Caching: The Differences Explained (2024 Guide)

If you are looking for the best options for optimizing the performance of your websites, proper caching is quite essential. There are two specific methods used for optimizing your cache efforts - CDN and Caching. Are you looking to find the difference between CDN and caching? Let us shed some light on the differences between the two of them.

How to accept guest posts without harming your blog?

Do you accept guest posts in your blog? If done correctly, guest posts can add value to your website and can help you get better traffic. Read some tips on how to get benefited by accepting guest posts and avoid disadvantages of accepting guest posts.

Why Wifi Repeaters can be a bad idea and what are the alternates?

The most suggested solution for Wifi coverage issues is not as good as it sounds. Repeaters, extenders, boosters: Call them what you like, but it's a common solution that doesn't solve the problem. There is an alternative recommendation. In this article, you'll learn why repeaters should be avoided - and what you can do in their place.

Hide Sidebar in Blogger blog using Custom or Third party Templates

Sometimes your blog will not have enough space in the post body because of the 2-3 sidebars. This will not allow you to add large images. Hiding sidebars is the best solution for this problem. This article helps you to hide the sidebar of a custom template of a Blogger blog.

Interview with blogger Ankit Sharma, a young and dynamic engineering student

Interview with engineering student, Ankit Sharma who is a blogger by passion and by hobby and wants to continue in the blogging profession and become an e-entrepreneur in this field. Some of his popular blogs are Khabar Villa Network, UPTU Khabar, WebTech Villa and MTU Khabar. Read more about the young blogger Ankit Sharma.

Why WordPress is better when compared to Blogger

If you are new to blogging and want to start a blog either on Blogger or WordPress you must read this article. Read on to know why WordPress is better when compared to Blogger for new bloggers who don't have knowledge in coding.

How to Keep Up with YouTube Trends in 2021?

As a Youtube user and creator, how do you find the latest YouTube trends? With YouTube filled with content from niches, know how you can find the trending topics on YouTube from your niche.

Top 5 Mobile Phone Insurance Companies In India

What is your first fear when you accidentally drop your phone? Fingers crossed, you hope that your screen has not been damaged or cracked. Among the most common damages to mobile phones today, screen damage seems to be one of the most common.

Tips to restrict your child's screen time to 1-2 hours

Are you also worried about the excessive screen time your kids have? This is a concern for many parents nowadays. They don't know how to deal with the craziness of their kids. This article will tell you how to restrict the screen time of your kids to 1-2 hours a day.

Tech Jobs that are safe from AI

Artificial Intelligence has been the talk of the hour for some time now. It often appears that this technology will soon conquer all professional tasks and jobs. Just hold on if you also think the same. In this article, we have listed the tech jobs that are still out of the reach of AI.

Top 10 games on Android developed/made in India

There is no doubt that India is one of the biggest markets for game developers, especially when it comes to Android-based games. We have compiled a list of the best Indian mobile games for you to enjoy on your Android phone. Continue reading.

Top 5 digital lending apps for quick, easy, and affordable loans

A personal loan is a kind of emergency financing that a borrower can use if he or she is short on cash. Personal loans have become easier to apply for and disburse due to technological advancements. In this article, we've analyzed the instant loan apps and listed the best ones for taking out a loan.

Free desktop applications to edit PDFs professionally

Want a free PDF editor that allows you to modify the text, add images, sign your name, fill out forms, and more? In this article, we've compiled a list of the exact apps that you're looking for based on our research.

How to remove text from PDF - Top 5 tools

We have compiled a list of the best PDF editors in this article based on reviews of online, free, and desktop applications. If you are looking for a way to remove text from PDF files and edit them? Here's how you can do it easily with the help of the top 5 PDF tools.

How to use ChatGPT to make money in 2023?

Everyone is talking about ChatGPT. It is amazing how ChatGPT can answer any question you have on earth. But is it actually possible for people to make money with ChatGPT? This article will help you find ways to make money with ChatGPT in 2023.

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