Tips to increase traffic to your newly launched blog or website

Have you started a new website or a blog and looking for some impressive traffic to your posts? Read this article and know how to take your new blog or website to 10000 visitors per day in just a couple of months. This article gives you some of the basic tips to increase traffic to your newly launched blog or website. Follow these tips and get more and more readers to your blog in very less time.

Creating your own website and getting it registered with a .com domain is not a difficult task but after the launch of website, getting the readers is really a tough job and needs a lot of hard work, patience and consistency. We all know that the main aim of starting one's own blog or website is to earn money which can only be done by getting bulk readers to your blog. This is not an easy task to do. In today's world, there is a lot of saturation of similar contents on the web i.e. if you have a technology blog, what different can you post from others? The answer is nothing. But then why some websites get most of the attention of the visitors while some are completely neglected? The answer to this question can be found in this article. So, let us start with some of the basic and easy tips to make your blog more visible to the search engines even though the content being same everywhere.

Tips to get more visitors to your new website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is regarded as the key tool to get traffic to your website but as a beginner, you might not feel comfortable while dealing with the SEO techniques because of lack of knowledge in this field. But, as you progress in the field of blogging, you will find yourself optimizing your content according to the Google search algorithm strategy. This technique is developed naturally in bloggers as experience is gained in this field.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is regarded as the key tool to get traffic to your website but as a beginner, you might not feel comfortable while dealing with the SEO techniques because of lack of knowledge in this field. But, as you progress in the field of blogging, you will find yourself optimizing your content according to the Google search algorithm strategy. This technique is developed naturally in bloggers as the experience is gained in this field.

Putting appropriate Keywords in your content boosts the ranking of your website pages in the search engines. Now the question is how to find the appropriate, high quality and relevant keywords to your content. For that I am giving you a tool to help you for such keyword searches.

So, all you have to do is go to the official website of Keyword Finder, when you go through it, you will find the page like in the image below.

keyword finder screenshot of homepage

On the top are mentioned the trending keywords which are updated every hour and below it is the search bar which you can use to find the relevant keywords. For example; I am writing this article about getting more traffic or visitors to your website, I can enter the search term in the search bar as shown in the above screenshot and select the region of my interest (the region from where I want to get the readers) and then click the search button. In the matter of seconds, you will find the results showing many keywords which have been recently recorded by top search engines.

Now, after getting those keywords, try to tune the content of your articles in such a way that those keywords get embedded in your content and whenever it is searched in the Google or other search engines, your article will be preferred (i.e. given a higher rank).

Note: Do not put bulk keywords in your content as it may be treated as the keyword spamming and your website can get suspended or even banned for ever. Use the keywords decently.

Social media is regarded as one of the most effective tools to catch the attention of the visitors to your blog or website. So, share your content in the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and others to make your content more visible to the web. Sharing your content via social media also helps your pages to improve their respective ranks in the search engines. You can also test it by recording the initial ranking of your pages and the post- share page ranking. The rank should be definitely enhanced.

Develop a habit of using the Google+ Communities as they are the most effective sources of getting most of the readers to your newly launched blog or website. Share your content in the relevant Communities and ask them to like, share and visit your blogs. They definitely take your requests and visit your blog and if they are impressed by it, they will surely like to visit it and even may become permanent readers of your content. So, go and share your content in the Google+ Communities to increase the traffic to your blog at great rate.

Here is the screen shot of the Communities I have joined. The search bar can be used to search for the Communities of your interest and join them on a go to share your valuable content for getting the maximum attention.

google plus communities screen shot

Content is the deciding factor whether your website is going to compete with the saturation in the web or not. What newbies do is that they just buckle up some words and develop an article in just a few minutes and publish it, which is not a great practice. As said earlier, patience is a must and you need to sum up all the aspects of an articles i.e. the title, content, keywords, presentation, length and other related stuff and after arranging all the aspect in the way they are meant to be, click the publish button.

The length of the articles also decides the ranking and traffic of your website. The mixture of both short and long articles on your website is really important. To know the traffic dependence of a website on length of the articles, go through the below article.

Short or long articles - which are better to get more traffic?

Back linking is an optional traffic generating tool for your website. You can create back links on other popular websites or blogs, in the forums or in the main content. Those links are being clicked by the visitors of that website and ultimately the traffic to your website increases. This way, you will also see a great enhancement in the ranking of your pages. I suggest you to create the back links in the Wikipedia which is the most popular, trusted and registered website. For that, join the editorial team of the Wikipedia and start contributing quality content and editing the Wikipedia content carefully to prove yourself trustworthy and after that you will be allowed to give the 'no follow' links which can redirect the visitors to your website with the related content. But note that you will have to give the proper reason of creating a back link and that link should be closely related to the content in which it is embedded.

Guest Posting is really a great boost to the visitor statistics of your blog or website. The meaning of guest posting is simply that you write articles for some popular websites and you will get exposed among the visitors as a good author, if you are. You can put the links of your choice in that article depending upon the permeability of the website for which you are writing as a guest. In guest posting, you are not eligible for any kind of payment from the host website, however if your articles look good to them, they can hire you as a permanent content writer and pay you accordingly.

Search engines as well as readers love simple language. So, be simple in your writing language. Do not try to impress the readers with your high vocabulary as it will create a negative impression on traffic generation. Be so simple that none of the readers need to consult any dictionary. Using tough words is not regarded as a good practice in SEO techniques. So, write quality content with simple and basic language, publish it, sit back and wait for the turbulent flow of traffic towards your blog or website.

Some other basic tips to get more visitors to your blog

1) Avoid the grammatical mistakes and language errors in your article and try to present the article well with a keyword friendly title and description.

2) Reply to almost every comment you get to your article or blog.

3) Do go for the paid advertisement. It will surely help you in getting traffic at the beginning but in long run it is very harmful to your website according to Google policies. However, for a business blog or website, you can do so but not for the personal one.

4) Work according to the Google Panda and Penguin updates as the Google is changing the search algorithm very often. Be updated and be secure from Google Panda and Penguin penalties and if you are already targeted by those penalties, here is the article to help you recover: How to recover from Google Penguin update penalty?

5) Be consistent and give your website time. Write the articles on daily basis and choose the latest topic and the most wanted ones.

Final word

This is what I have got to share with the newbies of the blogging world. Follow each and every tip and see your blog or website getting about 10000 visitors per day in just couple of months. These tips are based on my personal experience and research. I have not yet started my website or a blog but I am trying to build up the traffic to my articles on Techulator and this article will give me the results of my research so far. So, if you need any kind of assistance regarding the above information, feel free to post your queries in the response box below.

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Excellent compilation for the benefit of the would be entrepreneurs in the field of blogging or website publishing. Your tips are too helpful in drawing a healthy traffic to one's website. Inclusion of tips on overdoing some SEO techniques that may in fact harm the reputation of your website (like keyword spamming) is a very welcome gesture. A nice article indeed.

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