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Interview with blogger Ankit Sharma, a young and dynamic engineering student

Interview with engineering student, Ankit Sharma who is a blogger by passion and by hobby and wants to continue in the blogging profession and become an e-entrepreneur in this field. Some of his popular blogs are Khabar Villa Network, UPTU Khabar, WebTech Villa and MTU Khabar. Read more about the young blogger Ankit Sharma. interview with Atish Rajan – Blogger and SEO Specialist

Here is an interview of Atish Rajan, one of the most famous bloggers among newbies, as he is the one who helps them in building and setting a career in blogging. He also works in a company as a senior SEO and also has blogs through which he earns his living. Read more to know about him, his blogs and the way he got success in blogging.

Interview with Main Uddin, Pro-Blogger and Digital Marketing expert from Assam

Main Uddin is the founder, CEO & MD of the FOCUS A-Z Entertainment Private Limited. Main Uddin, who is a Bloggers Guru & E-marketer, has been in the blogging field for more than 5 years. He is a pro-blogger who is passionate on writing and also in internet marketing. His primary blog is Perfect Bloggers Tech. Read the below interview to know more about Main Uddin and also his advise on blogging and internet marketing.

How to Choose the Right Topic for your Blog?

How to choose the right topic for your blog? Choosing a topic of the blog is the key to success. Some nuances are to be taken into account as the number of readers depends primarily on the theme.

Interview with Dinesh who blogs at

Sysprobs is one of the leading blogs providing information about desktop virtualization softwares. Dinesh owns this blog and he also makes more than $7000 per month with his blogs. Read this interview with Dinesh for more information.

Interview with Chintan Jain who blogs at Crunchynow

In this post I have come up with an interview with Chintan Jain who blogs at Crunchynow. He is also working on a number of other projects as well including Freebiesbuzz and Lyricsmonk. Here is the interview.

Interview with Pankaj Gupta: Owner of

Blogger interviews are a source of inspiration for budding bloggers. One can learn the strategies being used by successful bloggers and implement them to achieve good search engine rankings. This post contains interview with Pankaj Gupta who owns

Interview with Dinesh who blogs at

This post contains interview with Dinesh who blogs at Dinesh has been blogging for quite long time and is currently earning about $1500-2000 per month online. This post will be helpful for bloggers struggling with programs like AdSense.

Interview of popular blogger Saurabh Saha of

In this article we interview a very popular blogger from India, Mr.Saurabh Saha who is the founder of TechGYD.COM. Read this interview to know more about him, his ideas and opinion on several issues related to blogging and internet marketing.

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