How to troubleshoot and overcome the problem of Blue Screen of Death error in Windows 7?

In this article, I will explain briefly, the Blue Screen error and the steps to be taken to overcome this problem. The message shown after this error has occured is 'Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer'. So, if your device shows such message, then this is definitely a Blue Screen error and immediately needs a solution. Go through this article and get to know about troubleshooting this issue in Windows 7.

These days, almost all people spend a lot of money to overcome the problems in their devices by paying huge charges to the software experts unnecessarily. I suggest all to search for the solution of their problem online to avoid this. In this article, I am here to help you overcome the problem regarding the Blue Screen of Death error, faced mainly by windows 7 OS users.

What is Blue Screen Error?

This is one of the most common errors faced by the people, who are using the newly bought windows 7 devices especially the laptops. Whenever this error occurs, the system gets hanged for some time and then shows a blue screen displaying the message that "Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer". This error usually occurs because of some incompatible hardware and software changes. So, if you are facing this error in your PC or any other Windows 7 device, go through the following procedures to overcome this problem.

How to overcome this problem?

This error usually occurs while using the Windows and the system immediately shuts down to prevent any further damage to the hardware accelerator. Sometimes, this error comes as a black screen and then you cannot even restart your device. So, there are two situations after the occurrence of this error-one allows you to start the windows normally and the other does not allow you to start it. Here is the solution for this problem in case of both the situations.

If you are able to start your Windows OS normally

Whenever you face the blue screen error, your device needs a restart to function normally. But, this is not the permanent solution of this problem as it can occur again and again, in some cases, upto 10 times a day. So, there is the need of an immediate action to solve the repetition of this error. Here are some of the suggestions to get out of this problem forever.

Update your system files
Microsoft often makes new changes in its database to help us fix any issues regarding our device. So, even for blue screen error, you might need to update your computer, to make the necessary changes for the smooth functioning of your device.

How to update system files?
Follow these steps to update your system fully:
1) Go to the Start menu button and then click on All Programs.
2) Search for the Windows Update option there and then click on it.
3) Click on the Check Updates and a list of available updates will appear.
4) Select the necessary updates, especially the basic updates regarding the system 32.
5) Then click OK and Install Updates and proceed to the finish point.

Note: You will require a high speed internet connection to finish the updates quickly as it might be in the size of GBs.
If this doesn't work as the solution of our problem, getting repeatedly the blue screen of Death error, then don't lose heart as there are other ways to solve the issue.

Check for the latest drivers for the recently installed hardware
The most acute cause of this problem is the recently installed hardware. If complete installation process is not done or driver software has expired for that hardware, then it may lead to blue screen error. So, you should check for the updated software for your recently installed hardware from the website of the hardware manufacturer.

How to update device drivers?
Updating the driver software is a simple process done in a few steps:
1) Click on the Start button and then follow this sequence; Control Panel > System and Security > Device Manager.
2) Then a list of the installed hardwares will appear on your screen.
3) Choose the hardware you want to update and then right click on it.
4) Click on Update Driver in the driver tab and then proceed to further installation.
If none of the above methods work, then the most effective method is awaiting to be implemented, to solve the problem of blue screen error.

Using System Restore, undo the recent hardware, software changes
System restore is a great thing to help you in solving this problem. This option in Windows 7, helps you to restore your system to the last working condition which worked smoothly. This method will not affect your personal files and folders. Rather, it will make the changes in the recently installed hardware or software which is now malfunctioning. Follow these steps to use this option:
1) Click on the Start button.
2) Search for the System Restore with the help of the search box.
3) Click on it and then set the date to which you want to restore your system.
4) Then follow the further instructions on your computer screen to finish this process.

If you are not able to start your Windows OS device at all

Sometimes this error is so serious that it damages the Windows boot files of your device and hence it is unable it to start up normally. This state of blue screen error is called black screen. This problem is too frustrating for a user who is unaware of the software changes to be made to make his/her device to make it work as normal. I am listing here the working methods to get the black screen error solved.

Using the System Recovery Option
This option depends on the availability. Some of the laptops possess this option and some not. If your device has come preinstalled, then the manufacturer definitely might have provided this option for assistance in future use. Follow the steps below to use this option:
1) Start your device and hold down the F8 button from your keypad.
2) Go to the Start up and Repair option.
3) Then click on the System Recovery option.
4) Follow the further instructions and proceed to the finish point.

Note: This process could take about half an hour or more. So, be patient.

By troubleshooting your device through the safe-mode
Instead of the recovery option, you can try to log in to your device by using the option of safe mode. This will allow you to run your device temporarily to troubleshoot the problem and make your device run smoothly without any malfunctioning in future. Just follow the below instructions to work with the safe mode:
1) Start your device.
2) Press and hold the F8 button till some text appears on your screen.
3) Enter into the safe mode by pressing the enter button on the option of safe mode.
4) Wait for a moment, till your device operates in a new way.
5) Now you can use the methods given above under the title of "If you are able to start your windows OS normally"

By reinstalling the Windows 7 Operating System on your device
Sometimes, you are not able to log in to your device even through the safe mode and in this situation, the only option remaining to overcome the problem of the blue screen error, is to reinstall the operating system on your device. You can do this by using the windows 7 OS disc or any preloaded USB drive like pen drive, hard disk etc. By this option, you can also format the hard disk of your device to eliminate all the error causing agents. So, follow the steps below to format your hard disk and then reinstall the OS on your device:
1) Start your device and insert the windows 7 OS disc or any other source of the OS.
2) Then, restart your device and after some time, you will be asked to press any key.
3) Do so and follow the instructions given by your device.
4) Then after some customization steps, your will see an option "Where do you want to install Windows?"
5) Choose the specific drive. (recommended: Local disk C)
6) For formatting, you can use the options available there and then click the next button.
7) Then follow the further instructions and wait for the completion of the installation.
After successfully reinstalling your OS, you will experience a better working and functioning of your device, as it will look like a newly bought product.

My personal experience with the blue screen error

I recently bought a new laptop; HP Envy 6 Ultrabook and then installed many custom softwares in it. Some days after the use, I got the first blue screen error and I was really frustrated as being unaware of the solution of this problem. Then, I took it to the experts in this field, but everyone failed to find the solution and ultimately I made my mind to consult the dealer but a day before I was about to do the same, I searched for an online solution and then preferred the system recovery option which worked. Then, I again installed some of the main softwares like the browsers etc and this error again came out on the screen. This time, I remember, it came while using the newly installed Firefox browser. So, I quickly restarted my laptop and uninstalled the Mozilla Firefox browser which turned to be the ultimate solution of this problem as the software contained some unfixed bugs. So, I suggest you to change the software during which this error occurs.


This was all about the solution for the problem of blue screen error in your Windows 7 devices, especially the laptops. I have tried my best to convey almost all the information to troubleshoot this problem. If you have experienced this issue and have resolved it in some other way, share it in the comments section.

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