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Flip 3D Feature in Windows 7

Flip 3D is used to scroll through your open windows task in a 3D environment. Introduced in Windows Vista, it is also present in Windows 7. Let us see how to work with this flip 3d feature in windows 7

Short Cut Keys in Windows 7

There are a lot of Short Cut keys in Windows 7 which include the old usual keyboard short cut keys and also plenty of new ones. This article lists all the Windows 7 key board short cut keys.

How to Change Power Plan in Windows 7

The Windows 7 Operating System allows you to change the power plan of your system. The power plan determines the balance between the power usage and the performance.. In this article, you will learn more about changing the power plan in Windows 7 PC.

Adjust color, brightness and contrast in Windows 7

The colors displayed on your screen may depend on your monitor, your video card, lighting and brightness to your desktop. With Windows 7, a new wizard allows you to set up the brightness, contrast, color and the readability of text displayed on your screen. Here, I explain you how to set the color in windows 7.

How to change wallpaper in Windows 7

Changing the Wall paper or the desk top background in Windows 7 operating system is not difficult and is a little bit different compared to previous versions of windows operating systems. In this article you will learn the procedure to change the desk top background in Windows 7 operating system

Making Backup in Windows 7 PC

Protect your data from System crash by taking regular backups. This article shows how to make backups in Windows 7.

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How to find my password in Windows 7?

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How to install Ubuntu OS in Windows 7?

Would you like to install the linux operating system Ubuntu in your existing Windows 7 OS? Get the detailed steps and learn how to integrate it and use the Windows 7 features and Ubuntu together.
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