The Operating System That Opened ‘Windows’ of The New Era

Microsoft brought Windows with a bang by capturing the global PC market. From an idea to a part of life – the journey was unimaginable.

When it comes to operating systems Microsoft was the game changer and a trend-setter and it still boasts to be one of the highest grossing companies in the world. Leaving behind Mac operating system which launched in 1984, Microsoft literally conquered the world of personal computers when it introduced Windows in 1985. It took almost 90% of the market share and there were plenty of reasons to mention. Almost all the versions of windows operating systems are very user-friendly. As it is used worldwide there is millions of software available that are windows-friendly. Windows operating system is created such a way that it easily recognizes new hardware and thus increases the entertainment quotient of a PC by providing easy plug and play capability.
Even smart phones also having windows interface and people are getting the same ease of PC in their mobile phones and tablets. Between 2012 and 2014 the Windows 7 version of this operating system has held a market share of average 50% as an operating system. As for the smart phones that use windows as the platform the data is quite appreciable. The first quarter of 2012 windows phones had a market share of 2% and by the end of 2013 in went up to 3% globally.

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