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How to troubleshoot and overcome the problem of Blue Screen of Death error in Windows 7?

In this article, I will explain briefly, the Blue Screen error and the steps to be taken to overcome this problem. The message shown after this error has occured is 'Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer'. So, if your device shows such message, then this is definitely a Blue Screen error and immediately needs a solution. Go through this article and get to know about troubleshooting this issue in Windows 7.

How to troubleshoot the Blue Screen error?

This article explains how to view the error message in order to troubleshoot the blue screen of death (BSOD) and other system and applications errors by using Event Viewer and Reliability monitor.

Blue Screen of Death backs in Windows 8

Blue Screen of Death occurs in Windows platform due to the compatibility of hardware drivers with your system components. It will also hang your computer system to prevent further damage to hardware and other application programs. During the initial testing of Windows 8 operating system, the same problem of Blue Screen of Death appears in system. Microsoft officials are working hard to remove Blue Screen of Death issue from system because they claim that Windows 8 will be Anti-BSOD operating system.

Physical Memory Dump Error – Resolved at my Desktop PC.

The following resource will help you to know about Physical Dump Memory Error which occurred on my PC. I have successfully solved the error and this article might help you to determine what is going wrong at your system. If you or your friends are facing the problem where system halts by showing Physical Dump Memory error then this is the resource which can help you know where the system is faulty.

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