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Top 10 Best streaming devices available in India in 2021

Entertainment by watching movies or series has gotten much more easier with online streaming. Services such as Prime Video, Netflix and other services provide a great experience and host of options for most of us. Let us check out the best streaming devices in India in 2021 to enjoy these services to their full capacity.

Netflix and Amazon Prime alternate streaming services in India

When it comes to the best streaming services in India, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have been the two most popular services ever. However, what if you are not comfortable with the two streaming services and are looking for other options? We are here to help in your search!

Review on the online shopping website - is a fast growing shopping website in India to 'GO BIG ON LIFE' without spending much money. You can buy products from the top brands without spending much through Gobol. There is a wide range of electronic appliances from factory seconds to carton damaged, from refurbished to surplus. Also from super buy with brand authorization and warranty from the manufacturers. Read the details in the review to get the best deals.

Comparison between Tata Sky, Dish TV and Airtel TV services and performance

Looking for a new DTH connection but not sure which one to take? The truth is that each of the big players has their own pros and cons and you need to decide on some parameters which one suits you. Read this article to know what these parameters and make the right decision for selecting your direct-to-home provider.

How to setup and configure Teewe dongle for your TV

Did you recently purchase a Teewe dongle and like to learn how to configure it on your TV and smartphone? Read the step by step instructions to setup your Teewe dongle and start enjoying your media from your smartphone on your television.

Hands-on review of Teewe media streaming dongle

Are you thinking about buying a streaming dongle for your TV to stream media from your laptop or smartphone to your TV? Read this hands-on review of Teewe dongle to find out its pros and cons.

NudeAudio introduced portable Bluetooth speakers in India, exclusively on Flipkart

Want to know the availability and price of NudeAudio portable Bluetooth speakers? Please read further to know the features of NudeAudio portable Bluetooth speakers for wireless streaming of music from smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. Also, you can check out the advantages of bluetooth speakers along with various speaker variants available in NudeAudio Move range.

Google Glass for augmented reality

Google X Labs, known for its futuristic technology has developed yet another awesome gadget, the Google Glass after being in the headlines for driverless cars. This article gives an overview of the Google Glass used for augmented reality. Learn about this exciting gadget.

Apple TV features and price in India

Apple TV is launching soon in India. Get all the features and specifications of Apple TV through this article. You will get to know everything about Apple TV incuding its price in India.

Comparison of WD TV Live Vs Seagate GoFlex TV Vs Vizio Co-Star Google TV Box

Are you confused about buying the best TV streaming available in the market? Then you should go through the resource which compares the hardware configuration, networking feature and its audio and video supportability integration of Western Digital TV (WD TV), Seagate GoFlex TV and Vizio Co-Star Google Box streaming device. The TV viewing quality of individual streaming devices has been compared to give the best suggestion to the readers.

Sony BDP-S790 3D Blu-ray Disk Player with Wi-Fi: Product description, specification and review

Sony, the Japanese electronic gadget giant is known for its elegant design with innovation. Recently, Sony has launched yet another budget 3D Blu-ray Disc in its armory to tackle the stiff competition in the world of electronic goods. In this article, we shall discuss about the product description, specifications and review of Sony BDP-S790 3D Blu-ray Disk Player with Wi-Fi. Please read and comment.

Review of Western Digital TV Streaming Device

Looking for the best moderate medium priced high quality TV streaming device? Then you should read the resource on Western Digital TV streaming device commonly known as WD TV Live to know about its features, speculations and our personal review on the product. You can get the complete guide on WD TV Live streaming device system details and initial setup. Also know the best buying tips for a good TV streaming device.

Five Slingbox Alternatives you may try this year

Though Slingbox still remains the market leader among TV streaming devices there are some other new entrants in the field which can also be purchased according to your preferences and pocket. You may also try HDHomeRun and Hava Platinum.

Advantages of TV Streaming Device

Now a days TV Streaming Devices are getting more popular as they make viewing live programs easier and allows performance without any interruption or buffer. With this simple device, we can see a TV streaming on mobile with a Wi-Fi connection. This article explains the readers about the advantages of using a TV streaming device.

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