Reclmg Manager- An efficient Recovery and Back up utility tool for Windows 8

Explore Reclmg Manager a Windows 8 Specific PC imaging program which creates a back up for your Windows 8 within seconds and without losing any of your personal data. This article explains what exactly is Reclmg Manager, how it technically functions and its price.

Windows 8 is all set to be released somewhere in the last quarter of the year. Windows 8 power of influence is so high that any already hardware's like tablets and laptops supporting Windows 8 or incorporating Windows 8 as its platform has been introduced. To follow it is the software Wing. Slimware Utilities has released today the Windows 8 specific PC imaging program-the Reclmg Manager.

What is Reclmg Manager?

It is a free and efficient Backup Utility tool for Windows 8. It is a program designed for the backup and restoration of Windows 8 and other software's that were installed without affecting ones personal documents and files. So whether it's the malware affecting your computer or any other kind of error that you are facing Reclmg Manager is your solution to easy and efficient recovery.

How does Reclmg Manager work?

Reclmg Manager creates a backup snapshot of Windows 8 operating software and related installed software. Thus, the recovery process includes the re-installation of Windows 8 operating system and its related components only. All the other files like personal documents, music, songs, pictures are not even touched. They remain intact. Hence the Reclmg Manager just focuses on the installation of the operating system and its related components.
Reclmg Manager

How is it different from the traditional recovery utility tools?

It is different from the traditional utility tools in the way that mostly the Utility Tools works by backing up the entire disk and re-installing everything again whereas Reclmg Manager just creates a backup snapshot of windows 8 and its related components. Hence the storage of data is also less in comparison to other utility software's.

How is it faster than other recovery tools?

Reclmg Manger just creates a backup of the snapshot of Windows 8 and does not copy the entire disk. Hence it is two ways efficient- reducing the data that needs to be stored and re-installed and the since data stored is less it takes less time to execute it and hence the system works faster than any conventional recovery software.

Which all devices support Reclmg Manager?

Reclmg Manger can work and function on any Intel based device including the Microsoft surface tablet which is rumoured to be released in October.

What is the cost of Reclmg Manager?

Reclmg Manger is absolutely free software and can be easily downloaded from the following link<ype=dl_dlnow&pid=12637316&mfgId=10073687&merId=10073687&pguid=T-w90QoOYJMAACTJapgAAAGh&

So enjoy the benefits of software which not just restores your system easily and efficiently but also keeps intact all your personal files.

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