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How to install Windows 8 from an ISO image

Are you looking for ways to install Windows 8 developer preview version from an ISO image? In this post, I will discuss various options to install Windows 8 from an ISO image.

How to turn off SIM application pop up in Nokia Lumia?

Are you receiving SIM application pop up in your Nokia Lumia handset? Are you facing this issue after Lumia Black update? Here is the solution to turn off the pop ups that you get in your Lumia handset. Read the below article to stop SIM application pop up in your Nokia Lumia handset.

Download Windows 8 serial key free

Go through the article to know more to know about Windows 8 Consumer preview License key's or how to download Windows 8 serial key free. Today Microsoft released the latest Windows 8 Consumer Preview and they kept a link to download Windows 8 Consumer preview.

How to enable or disable Hybrid Boot in Windows 8

Windows 8 Developer Preview was released for general public in September,2011. Lots of new features were added to the new Windows 8 OS. One such new feature is the Hybrid boot feature which allows Windows 8 to reduce startup time after shutting down the Windows 8 computer. This article explains the step by step process to enable or disable the Hybrid Boot feature of Windows 8 Developer Preview.

How to open command prompt in Windows 8

Are you missing the good old command prompt in Windows 8 developer preview build? In this quick post, I will discuss how you can launch the command prompt in Windows 8.

Top 10 Windows 8 Store apps for Indian users

Just migrated to Windows 8 and searching for the right apps for install on your Windows 8 device? Read our exhaustive list for the best useful apps suited for an Indian Windows 8 user.

Windows 8 Apps Data Backup Utility to Backup and Restore Data in Windows 8

Have you installed lots of apps on your newly loaded Windows 8 operating system and now, losing your sleep on how to backup these apps data. Now sit, relax and learn how to backup and restore Windows 8 Apps Data using Windows 8 Apps Data Backup Utility.

How to remove Windows 8 Boot Camp Partition

Have you installed Windows 8 in your Mac PC earlier using Boot Camp Assistant Software? Do you want to delete the Windows 8 partition now from your Mac PC in order to free up some disk space? This article gives step by step instructions to remove Windows 8 Boot Camp Partition from your Mac PC.

How to extend C drive in Windows 8 without formatting

Are you struggling for free space on C drive of Windows 8 operating system and want to extend it further without reinstalling the Windows 8. Learn how to extend C drive partition with out formatting the Windows 8 OS. This article is very much applicable for Windows 7 and Vista.

How to set up and use VPN network in Windows 8

Read this tutorial for detailed steps on setting up a VPN network, connecting to a VPN network, changing the VPN properties, renaming or deleting a VPN network on your Windows 8 PC or laptop.

How to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Release Preview

If you are currently running Windows and like to upgrade to Windows 8 Release Preview, read the options. You can upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Release Preview, but I recommend you run Windows 8 side by side with Windows 7 instead of upgrading.

Install and explore SkyDrive App for Windows 8

SkyDrive App is an App which helps to conglomerate data available on various devices with the PC and thus allows availability and access of Data anywhere anytime. This article explains how to install and explore SkyDrive App.

Google Project Zero: Debugging the Internet

Google Project Zero: Google's special security research team looks into zero-day vulnerabilities in Google products and other software that touch the Internet. Microsoft's Windows 8.1 is the latest hit, with the team announcing bug to the public, two days before scheduled patch.

How to get refund for Windows 8?

Are you one of those who are frustrated with Windows 8 and want to get your money back? Or, you got a wrong version of Windows 8? Learn how to get a refund.

Top 5 Health and Fitness apps for Windows Phone 8 in 2013

Are you looking for health and fitness apps to get in shape? Are you a WP8 user looking for a virtual coach to help you burn some calories? This article will help you fulfill your dream. Read this article to know the best fitness apps for Windows Phone 8 and begin your workout right away.

How to fix HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error in Windows 8 installation?

In this post, you can find my Windows 8 32-bit and 63-bit installation experience and the problems I encountered during the installation including the HAL_INITIALIZATION__FAILED error. Both Windows Virtual PC and VMWare Player showed the same error for 32-bit installations, but the error messages were different for 64-bit Windows 8 installation.

Why you should choose Windows 8 over Windows 7

Have you heard about the latest buzz in the OS world about Windows 8. Have you got yourself in a situation where you are not able to decide whether to choose Windows 7 or Windows 8 then just go through this article to remove your dilemma.

Top 10 free tools for Windows

Are you looking for free tools to optimize, tune and tweak your Windows 8? Read this post to learn more about the cool Windows 8 tools available currently.

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