3D Graphic calculator from Google

Google is regularly improving its search engine’s capability. Google has recently updated its simple search engine with the capability of WebGL-powered 3D graphic calculator. With just typing in two-variable function to Google search box, Google responds a graph with dynamic, interactive and an animated 3 dimensional plot in your browser. In this article, I am going to explore this 3D Graphic calculator and how Google enhancing capability of its search engine.

Google's WebGL-powered 3D Graphic calculator

3D Graph image
In this age of global competition and cutting-edge technologies, to improve business steadily over time, an organization should adopt a strategy not only to keep a strict eye over rivals but also to improve itself accordingly. Google is one out of such organizations that really seem to be steadily working toward improving themselves both strategically and technically.

Google continuously updating its product and services with emerging technologies and programs to enhance its capability and competing its rivals. Earlier, Google updated itself with images, videos, maps and places to search results and now Google has recently updated its Search engine with 3D Graphic calculator capability.

What is 3D Graphic Calculator?

As we know that Google had updated its search engine with a graphing functionality to plot functions in an easy and simple way. But now Google charged its search engine with power of 3D support also. Now students will be able to do even more with this WebGL-powered 3D Graphic calculator.

"If a mathematician enters a two-variable function in the search bar, the 3D Graphic calculator enables Google's search engine to graph an interactive, animated, 3D plot right in his browser."

This 3D Graphing calculator can be advantageous for an advance calculus studying student who can avail this facility to see a 3D graph that will help him to get better visualization for real two variable functions.

Functionalities of Google's 3D Graphic Calculator:

You can scale the graphical view by:
• By editing the range in your equation
• By zooming in or out
• By editing the range in lower-right legend box

You can rotate the graph to check out different angles by clicking anywhere in the graph

What is WebGL Technology?

WebGL is the technology that is used to enable 3D Graphic Calculator and now Google search is also using this technique for the first time. This new web technology brings hardware-accelerated 3D Graphics to the browser that enables the user to experience the technology without installing additional software.

Now anyone across the globe can explore compound math functions right in their search results.

Supported operating systems
• Chrome OS
• Mac OS 10.5 and Mac OS 10.6 (recommended)
• Windows Vista & Windows 7 (recommended) with no driver older than 2009-01
• Linux

This technology is currently supported on modern web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. For experiencing 3D Graphic calculator technology on your system, just paste the following function into Google search box on your desktop to get an animated 3D graph (shown below). You can also manipulate this graph by editing different values in this function:

sqrt(cos(2*x))*sin(80*y)+1.5*sqrt(abs(x)) + 0.8 x is from -1 to 1, y is from -1 to 1.5, z is from 0.01 to 2.5

3D Graphic with Google search

How Google enhancing capabilities of its Search Engine:

The think tanks of the organization leaving no stone unturned to place a tough competition for rivals of Google, in future. Google is regularly updating its product and services for receiving customer satisfaction, loyalty and beating their competitors in market. Soon Google is going to update its search engine with Semantic search engine technology.

The Semantic search engine technology is integrated with Artificial Intelligence and based on the core concept of Knowledge graph repositories. The semantic search engine technology will force existing bloggers to change their content writing strategies and their articles shall be content based rather than keywords, in future. Hence it is clear that Google Semantic search will definitely Impact SEO techniques in near future.

"The Semantic search will enhance the capability of Google search engine enormously as it will display precise and intent results to a searcher query instantly, without leaving him with a web pages or documents list to find the result."

Google Instant is an enhancement to the search engine capability that starts to show results as soon as you start typing in Google search box and Google has already started experimenting this service of Semantic search technologies.


Google perfectly understands how to maintain the topmost position in the current market. That is why Google keeps on updating itself with current technologies and carries on research and developments in their R&D section. It does regular checks for the changing policies and technologies of its rivals in market and also ready to adopt an existing technology that is really beneficial for its customers. For instance, WebGL technology is already available on phone but now Google devoted this idea to its search engine also.


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