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How Does Google's Algorithm Work?

The article discusses in detail how Google's search algorithm work. What quality metrics it considers in ranking your website and which factors you should focus on to get a good Google search ranking.

Want to be Google Power Searcher, Register Free Here.

In this article, You can know about an awesome course which can make you "Google Power Searcher". Everybody loves Power Searching with Google and there are very many tips and tricks we use daily to browse Google easily and exactly in faster and smarter way. Read further to get all information about this course initiated by Google Inc.

It is time to clear my Google Search History

To clear your browser's history is not enough! In order to clean your full search log, you need something more to do. Read the article to know about the Google Search History and how to clean that up.

Can Google follow and index Javascript links

Are you wondering whether Google can detect links in Javascript? Read this article to learn how Google can parse Javascript and follow the links from it.

Get desired search result through Google Search

Do you want to search for specific terms on internet? Do you want add/remove specific search results from total search results? Read this article to get desired search results through Google.

Google Search and new features

There are so many features that cover almost each and every nook of the demands and needs of the common users that use the search option either on a daily basis or in general. This article gives you a summary of all the features that encompassed in Google search methodology.

Google Search as Online Calculator

Google has introduced an online Google Calculator in its home page. Type in any basic mathematical problems or to convert currency values, this tool can help immensely.

Some cool Google hidden tricks you may have missed

The worlds largest search engine, Google is made up of a lot of fun stuff.These tricks have been kept hidden by Google intentionally. The whole point of it was to provide some surprises to it users.This post reveals these secrets and unleashes the fun monster!

iGoogle: How to Switch and work with new look of Google Home Page

The regular user of Google search engine would have noticed an iGoogle link at bottom left corner of Google search main page that can be used to change Google home page look. This post includes step by step information for how to upgrade classic Google Home page to new iGoogle, how to customize different tabs and to add and manage required gadgets for these tabs.

How Google Search getting much smarter?

With implementation of Knowledge graph based Semantic search technology, users will experience innovative look Google search engine results, in near future. In this post, I shall explain how the Google search results will fascinate after implementing the Google’s Semantic search technology. I shall also explore some important facts about the Knowledge graph repositories - the base of Semantic search technology and its comparison to chief competitor Bing's strategies.

Role of Knowledge Graph and Artificial intelligence in future Robotics and Google's Semantic search

Semantic search is going to knock internet search engine door very near in future. In this article, I am exploring important facts about the semantic search components i.e., Knowledge graph and Artificial intelligence like: What is Knowledge Graph, History of Knowledge graph, How Knowledge Graph will enhance Google search engine capability, Role of Artificial Intelligence in Google’s Semantic search technology, Role of Knowledge graph and Artificial intelligence in future Robotics.

Various 'Google Search features' for smart search activity

This resource unveils important features of Google and Google search. Normally people try to put keyword in Google search box and get search result in usual way but few of the internet users know what Google can do beyond traditional search activity. It will give you smarter result in same form you want.

3D Graphic calculator from Google

Google is regularly improving its search engine’s capability. Google has recently updated its simple search engine with the capability of WebGL-powered 3D graphic calculator. With just typing in two-variable function to Google search box, Google responds a graph with dynamic, interactive and an animated 3 dimensional plot in your browser. In this article, I am going to explore this 3D Graphic calculator and how Google enhancing capability of its search engine.

Google Instant: Google is running experiments for Semantic search technology

Google is going to launch Semantic search engine technology in near future. For successful implementation of this technology, Google is already experimenting in this context using some services like - Google Instant. In this article, I am going to discuss such pre-testing approaches of Google for Semantic search engine. I shall also discuss future impacts of Semantic search engine technology on SEO.

Impact of Google’s Semantic Search on SEO

In this article, we are exploring some striking future issues of upcoming Google’s Semantic Search technology over internet users. Here we will discuss: What is the concept of Semantic Search technology, what is Knowledge Graph in semantic search, Possible impacts of Google’s semantic engine over internet users and What contents developers will need to focus for Google’s semantic search engine optimization.

Impact of reproduced or repeated content on SEO

Did you find your article reproduced in another website? Or, do you have large blocks of same text repeated in multiple places in your website? You may have to deal with serious SEO issues and you may lose your search engine traffic unless you take appropriate steps to solve this problem.

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