Impact of Google’s Semantic Search on SEO

In this article, we are exploring some striking future issues of upcoming Google’s Semantic Search technology over internet users. Here we will discuss: What is the concept of Semantic Search technology, what is Knowledge Graph in semantic search, Possible impacts of Google’s semantic engine over internet users and What contents developers will need to focus for Google’s semantic search engine optimization.

What content developers need to focus for Google's semantic SEO?

Semantic search lense
Google is going to apply artificial intelligence to make its search engine most intelligent. This strategy is going to be implemented through Google's semantic search technology to stay ahead of rivals. As we all know that semantic search technology is not a future concept now; in fact Google is already experimenting semantic search in the form of Google instant and many other ways that we shall explore in our upcoming articles. So first, let us take a brief description about the concept of Semantic search:

What is the concept of Semantic Search technology?

The idea behind the Semantic Search technology is:

"To make a search engine intelligent up to such an extent that it would be able to understand the real intention of searcher. To fulfill this purpose, Google applying artificial intelligence for semantic search technology to work like a dictionary that understands the meaning of the query rather than parsing through keywords."

Lets drill down more deeply to Semantic Search? It can be described as:

"A future search engine that will not only able to understand the terms like - references, concepts, semantic, verb and names etc. but also has intelligence to compare a user's query against precompiled and discrete knowledge sets. The search engine will apply this knowledge to return its result for that query."

What is knowledge graph?

The Knowledge graph will be the basic supporting system for Semantic search technology. By using Knowledge graph, the Google's search engine will be able to respond itself with more contextual information to a query rather than relying on other websites for providing information. To be more specific, a conglomerate of information will be there that shall be aimed to answer possible queries that people will be searching for.

The Google search engine will find out the relationship between words, input by the searcher to understand the meaning of combined words also, and it will be intelligent enough to differentiate between synonymous words like “am" and “I'm".

Possible impacts of Google's semantic engine over internet users?

Though semantic search is designed for the benefits of all internet users but in fact, different types of users shall be affected differently through this upcoming technology.

Impact on internet searchers:

As described above, semantic search will be most advantageous for internet searchers as they will be able to get their query results more precisely and instantly. Even a user having least searching query skill, will be able to find his intent results, very easily.

Impact on content developer and bloggers:

As we know that Literal search (existing search policies of search engines) works on keywords for searching results and the keywords search is largely data-driven, around the popularity of the terms in the query. For now, the bloggers and contents developers are at home in manipulating these keywords but the semantic search will definitely increase challenges in future for such content developers and bloggers, in respect to SEO optimization.

Semantic search will force bloggers to completely change their working style and enhance their writing skill. For surviving their ranking in semantic search, bloggers and content developers will need to change their keywords manipulation theory entirely, as in semantic search they have to focus on what a searcher actually means when searching for that keyword.

What content developers need to focus for Google's Semantic search Engine optimization?

The content developers need to focus on changing the framing of their contents for Google's semantic search engine optimization. To survive in semantic search world, instead of emphasizing on keywords one will need to put more attention on his keyword's research. One should be intelligent enough to put his right keywords at right places. Rather one has to figure out actual meaning behind those keywords and create contents around that specifically.

Let us take an example of a topic 'Transport' for writing an article for SEO in semantic search world. Here the framing of our contents should be around answering the specific questions that a searcher could have about the focusing keyword 'Transport'. Like:

What is transport;
Different means of transport;
Benefits of transport;
Transport services;
Transport tracking devices etc.

So, a blogger will need to focus his mind on natural language and while making every sentence, one would be thinking: How that sentence will answer the searcher's question.


Google's Semantic search engine is a future technology, developed on the foundation of Knowledge graph and artificial intelligence. This search engine will serve internet searchers with its instant and precise services. On the other hand, it will compel the internet bloggers to change their existing SEO strategies and to be more honest to the contents of their articles.

For surviving in semantic search world, while writing an article, a content developer will require to be more specific with their keywords research. In future, the contents will rule the web search world and instead of focusing on keywords, bloggers would be concentrating deeply over the contents. One would ensure that his contents should be completely related to the keywords of his article.

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