Google Instant: Google is running experiments for Semantic search technology

Google is going to launch Semantic search engine technology in near future. For successful implementation of this technology, Google is already experimenting in this context using some services like - Google Instant. In this article, I am going to discuss such pre-testing approaches of Google for Semantic search engine. I shall also discuss future impacts of Semantic search engine technology on SEO.

Google is running experiments for Semantic Search Technology

Semantic search engine experiments
While talking about an internet search option, most probably Google search engine is the first name that comes in everyone's mind as a best search engine. The reason for such a great success of Google search engine is continuous efforts of Google team for achieving their targets. The research and development (R&D) section of Google remains busy to carry out new experiments for enhancing their search engine capabilities.

Semantic search engine technology:

Since long, we are hearing about arrival of Google's new search engine based on 'Semantic Search' that is going to change the internet searching world, entirely. Google's Semantic search engine is an upcoming technology with integration of Artificial Intelligence and based on Knowledge Graph Repositories. Please visit Role of Knowledge Graph and Artificial intelligence in Google's Semantic search to know more on this topic.

The Semantic search engine will be able to understand the meaning and aim of surfer's search query without associating it to keywords.

Though we are expecting launch of Google's semantic search engine in near future yet Google has already started experiments for this technology. The web surfers are also availing hidden facilities from these experiments. Isn't it exciting to know that you are already experiencing instance of an upcoming technology without even knowing anything more about it? Here, we are sharing some of these experiences of Google search engine with you:

Google Instant:

Google Instant is an enhancement to the search engine capability that starts to show results as soon as you start typing in Google search box. Whatever you start typing, Google not only searches for its synonyms but also tries to directly match your query. Even before you finished typing your query, the search engine attempts to display meaningful content before you.

The idea behind Google Instant is that a surfer types slowly but reads quickly. So, mean the time of typing your query, you can scan a resulting page also. This will make you find your intent query string before typing the complete query and resulting to save your surfing time.

Google Instant facilitates a surfer in following ways:

  • Faster Searches

  • Smarter Predictions

  • Instant Results

  • Best guess precise answer at top of search results:

    While entering a searching query to search box, you would have observed that before completing your search engine query, Google attempts to impart best guess precise answer at top of results which gets changed simultaneously with changing the input texts.

    For instance, input Where is Delhi in Google search engine, and you will not only find a list of matching string of words but also map of Delhi at top of the resulting array. (as shown below).
    Google search result 1

    Likewise, if you type Time in Hong Kong, Google will prompt you back with somewhat like '19:58 Sunday (HKT) - Time in Hong Kong' at top of the results(shown below).
    Google search result 2

    Integration of Artificial intelligence to semantic search:

    Google search engine is already intelligent enough to reply a surfer's query with respect to location of a searcher. For example: if a surfer from India types just 'Independence day' in search bar, Google search engine automatically prompts the result 'Independence Day is on Wednesday, 15 August 2012', considering year and location of the surfer. If the search engine is not able to find out location of the surfer, his IP Address is considered as location to return relevant results. Thus, such artificial intelligence based search will enable far reaching relevant results to benefit the surfer.

    Easy query string facility:

    Population Canada image
    With Google search engine, you don't need to input complicated queries for getting intent result. Even a surfer with least search query skills can easily get precise and instant results from Google search engine. For instance, if you input Population Canada only in Google search bar. It will respond you back with population of Canada as shown in figure.

    Sometime, if Google search unable to find any content page relating to your typed in query, it displays a message – "Google instant not able to find your contents" .

    In fact, these are just few samples of a large number of sophisticated capabilities that Google has already built into its search bar. The Google search engine is capable to perform unit and currency conversions, math and pull up things like flight information etc.

    Future impacts of Google's semantic search technology:

    Upcoming semantic search technology will definitely rule out the existing 'Keywords' based SEO technique. For facing such impacts of Google's Semantic search technology on search engine optimization, bloggers will need to develop new content writing skills. As contents are going to rule the web world in future, content developers will require to write their articles in relevant to deep concentration over contents rather than focusing keywords. To be more specific, bloggers will be honest to their contents in future.

    Instead of displaying a list of web pages against your search query, Google's semantic search engine will display the answer of surfer's query instantly and precisely using artificial intelligence and knowledge graph. This technology will definitely attract maximum number of surfer's towards Google semantic search engine. This Google's strategy to stay ahead of rivals will definitely impact its rival's business too. They will need to adopt new technologies for surviving in future web world.


    We are going to face Google's Semantic search engine technology very near in future and Google has started already testing this technology via services like Google Instant on it search engine. After launch of Google Semantic search engine, we shall find ourselves in a new era of internet searching that will not only facilitate internet surfers but also change the the view of content developers about SEO.

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