How to compress videos for email?

Email is perhaps the most widely used platform for communication. However, have you ever come across a situation where you are forced to avoid sending video through email? Well, email has a specific size requirement for emails and you need to use special techniques for compressing the videos.

It can happen to anybody. You have created an awesome video or have a screen recording that you want to share with your friends or colleagues. Email is the best solution that comes to your mind. But, alas! You cannot send the video through the email because it is too large in size. An email has a specific limit to the file that it can send as an attachment.

So, you are left with no other option than compressing the video. How would you compress a video for email? Well, nothing to be worried there. There are multiple video compression tools that can come quite handy enough and assist you in shrinking the file size and attach them to your email in a breeze.

How to compress a video of Email?

Having understood why is it important to compress your videos for email, here are our top tips and tools that should help you get the best video compression for your emails.

#1 Create A Zip File

The best option would be to create a zip file of your video. The file size will be reduced, and the quality will remain unaffected. The option would work good enough whether you are on Mac or Windows. However, the reduction in file size may not be huge enough to make a difference.
Here is how you do it -
  • Right click on the video you want to compress.
  • Choose the option Send to Compressed (zipped) folder option from among the context menu
That does it. You have successfully created a zipped version of of the video that you should now be able to send through an email.

#2 Opt for a cloud service

That should be the best option if you have a large file size. You can use any of the cloud sharing services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive. If you are not signed up for any of these services, you would need to sign up first.
Once you have created an account on your preferred cloud sharing service, you can upload your video onto the service. You should ideally be able to do it by means of the web portal of the cloud service or even download the desktop client or smartphone client of the particular service. You will get a link to the uploaded file. Share this link through email with any of your colleagues or friends.

#3 Use is an excellent online option for compressing your videos so that they can be shared through email. It does not need you to download any specific client on your desktop or smartphone. The tool works as a web portal and gets your work done.
Just visit the service and sign up with your email, Google or Facebook. Once you have signed in, you can drag the video onto the application, and you are good to go. Change the settings appropriately. You can change the quality, resolution and other details as per your preferences.

While the video is saved onto your computer, you will be able to share it to the social media or Google Drive if you want to.

Online UniConverter is yet another excellent option that can be useful in this context. It works in a similar way as Climpchamp.

#4 Use Video Converter app on your Android or iOS

There are several video converter tools that can be helpful enough in reducing the size of your videos. Freemake Video Converter and a few other similar options would be an excellent option you can go with.

Download an appropriate video converter tool and follow the on-screen instructions of your chosen app. You should be able to choose the right size of the output video based on the exact requirements you may have.

If you are on Mac, you can make use of iMovie for getting access to the best options. The iMovie app lets you compress your videos so that they can quickly be sent to your friends through email.

Those were just a few options that should get your task done and assist you in compressing your videos into a smaller version so that you will be able to share them without hassles through email. Check out those options and let us know which of them did you like.

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