How to Compress MOV file?

If you have been using QuickTime Movies on your device, you would find them taking up too much space on your device. Moreover, sending them via any sharing platform gets tough due to size limitations. If you looking for the best ways to compress a MOV video file then this article describes the simplest solution.

MOV or the QuickTime MOV file was developed by Apple. It is used as a container for storing the media files such as video, audio, and text content in a single file. However, these files tend to be of high quality and are of a very large size. This makes sharing them via email or any other platform a considerable difficulty. In fact, they can even get difficult to store on your device because of the size.

That precisely explains the need to compress a MOV file so that you can share them over the internet. To give you an idea, an MOV file is ten times the size of its MP4 version. That is precisely why you need to compress it. A MOV container is not much efficient in compressing the files in it. However, there are plenty of options available that can help you compress a MOV file with ease.

Why do you need to compress a MOV file?

Well, there are several reasons that make it obvious why you need to compress an MOV file. Some of the possible reasons you would want to compress an MOV file can be
  • It takes up too much space - Your storage space on any device is limited. There is nothing like endless storage. That would make it necessary to save space on your device to avoid space crunch. Compressing your MOV videos can be the right option to achieve the task.
  • They upload slowly or fail to upload - The larger sizes of the MOV files makes them quite difficult to upload. They would either upload rather slowly or fail to upload altogether. Smaller files can be uploaded faster.
  • It can cost more to store them on the cloud - Storing them on the cloud can be a good option, but saving a huge number of large files can make it deplete soon. Cloud storages are much expensive.

The best options to compress a MOV file for Email or other sharing options

The best way out to get rid of the huge issues associated with MOV files would be to compress them. There are several options you can opt for compressing the MOV file.

Convert the MOV file into MP4

This can be an excellent option for compressing your MOV file. Converting your MOV file into MP4 can be a great option to reduce the file size. In fact, that would not change the audio or video quality of your file.

There are several converters available for free on your computer that can get the work done quickly enough. VLC or other online converters can come quite handy enough in this task.

The MP4 video format is considered to be one of the prominent formats ever. In fact, it has been continuously evolving. The current standard stays at H.265, which is also known as HEVC - HEVC - High-Efficiency Video Coding.

Converting your MOV video into MP4 should ideally save you a great deal of space. In fact, under standard conditions, the space-saving achieved would be close to 50% to 60%.

Convert your MOV file Online

If you do not have any video conversion tools available on your computer, you can rely upon the online video conversion tools. There are multiple audio and video converters available over the web.

Some of the best options you can consider for the best experience in terms of online conversion of MOV file can include

This is an excellent option for compressing your MOV video for free online. But, do note that the file can support a file size of up to 500 MB. If you have a larger MOV file - which is normally the case with the MOV files - the service may not be much useful for your needs.
However, the tool comes with plenty of options to help you compress your MOV file. If you do not want an aggressive compression, it can be configured to use a low compression level. You can even remove audio to reduce the size of the file further.

If you are using YouCompress, you will find compressing your MOV video an easy and simple task. It can be used for compressing a wide range of file formats apart from MOV. It can compress the image and video files in a number of formats that include MP4, MOV, MP3, PDF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and GIF.
You can compress any number of videos with ease on YouCompress. What makes it even more exciting choice is it does not need you to register for the service. The online tool is entirely free to use, and does not add any watermark to your videos like a few tools such as Freemake do.

The EZGIF app lets you compress your MOV video file by adjusting the height and width of the video. You can easily add up a file either from your PC or through a URL.
You can select the encoding parameters and the output format based on your exact requirements. The EZGIF can be an excellent tool for video conversion requirements you may have as well. The web portal version of the tool makes it one of the great options to go with.

Well, those were a few exciting options for achieving the best possible functionality of compressing your MOV file with a few simple apps and tools. Whether you use the standalone tools such as Wondershare UniConverter and iSkysoft HD Video Converter or opt for the online options, you would find them to be an excellent option for sharing via email or any other mode over the internet.

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