Best running game apps similar to Temple Run

Get to know the best alternative running apps similar to Temple Run. Read about their gameplay and features and decide which another game you want to try to enjoy the genre of running games.

Run, run. Rush to the App Store to catch up with the trend of the new gaming genre on your mobile. Yes, you guessed it right. To participate in the endless running race, your buddies are all after this genre of Temple Run and Temple Run 2. You can enjoy the same run in a number of games available in the store. First it started with the trendsetter game title Temple Run followed by its sequel Temple Run: Oz and Temple Run 2. As all of them went viral several game titles are now following this irresistible game play.

Before going crazy to pick up from the crowd, you can get a glimpse of them and decide which will make you run today. Well, it can be the other way round, we may also come to know few more, if you've already tried them other than the listing we could make right here.

Subway Surfer

Apple pp Store and Google Play both stacked Subway Surfer in their display as one of the best alternate Temple Run games. You'll find a skate board, a magnet and a jet pack as the new features and all of them make the game powered up. What makes it a favourite stuff is its low requirement for graphic display and its compatibility for all common devices. You can try it out on Facebook too and run a race with your buddies.

Agent Dash

Now play the role of a secret agent and keep running till you are safe. No, you cannot afford to stop as your mission went all wrong, but yes, even though you have to escape through the secret underground tunnel, there is a range of spy gadgets which you can use to defend yourself.

Aby Escape

If you need the right motivation to run, then go for Aby Escape. The storyline has the thing in it to make you run till the end. But to get it on your screen you need to run fast as free games won't be available there for long and wait for you. It doesn't ask for high graphics capacity, so there is no reason to hold back.

Temple Run Brave

Now be brave enough to shell out $0.99 and get yourself the endless running game you were searching for. Temple Run Brave lets you participate as a movie character in its game story. Merida is waiting for you to save her from the bear Mordu. In the game you can also earn some in game coins if you can tap the targets and shoot the bull's eye. Developed by Imangi Studio, Temple Run Brave shows an entirely different storyline with the same tagline as Temple Run.

Rail Rush

Don't stop running, or else you may topple down the rails of a mine cart. Tilt and sweep your cart when you find any hurdle in the way of collecting those precious stones, gems and gold nuggets. Try your luck if you can earn the special gifts. Break open the rock eggs and find out what surprises are waiting inside.

Running With Friends

Try the latest adventure with your buddies. Run fast with them from the angry bull and watch out, stay away from those killing horns. Rush to the App Store to get the Zynga collection of endless running game Running With Friends. Since it is free you can try running with friends from Facebook, ask the automatic smart match or directly inviting friends by adding up their usernames.

Sonic Dash

Run for fun. App Store has stored a lot of fun with the blue Hedgehog running endlessly to dodge your way from the enemies, cross the pits, rocks and challenging hurdles which won't allow you to collect the rings. Try to get the fun before it stops to allow a free play.

Last Knight

Become the charming knight on the steed and rescue the princess of your dream from the evil named Horned Bucket Heads. It is all set in a medieval kingdom, and you need the courage to take up the quest and run endlessly till you reach your goal.

One Epic Knight

Now become a part of the Epic and experience the feeling of a knight. Brave into a hoard of dungeons, their traps, chasms and interact with those creatures you've never seen before. Use those simple swipe controls and keep running with the power-ups, outfits and potions and take all the plunge to become a knight of an Epic. Developed by Simutronics Corp, One Epic Knight is a worth play game for Temple Run lovers.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Collect those tasty bananas in your favourite attire and join the yellow cute Minions in their athletic run. Enjoy the hilarious, speedy amusing features in this movie of tie-in runner. Grab the game of the endless run game titled as Despicable Me: Minion Rush echoing the template Temple Run.

Galactic Skater

Run free as far as you can, there is a vast canvas left open just for you to put your footprints through those simple controls in the mobile endless running game Galactic Skater. Any Temple Run lover would jump at the scope to run free and fast through the glanderous landscape, the colourful characters will engross your attention and lead you through a wonderful running game experience.

Kite Surfer

Get a finer variety of endless running genre where you can experience a luxurious flight along with your colourful kite and rest your feet for a while. Fly across the ocean and the picturesque tropics, in Kite Surfer.

Catch the Ark

Watch out! You are going to drown if you can't sail swiftly on your raft to catch the Ark of Noah. He is done with his ark building and he isn't going to wait for you. Before the killing flood engulfs your raft, sail fast and catch him, run and have fun with Catch the Ark in the Apps Store. With this new game application developed on the Temple Run theme, it is the art of survival that you get to learn In Catch the Ark game.

Aren't these enough to get crazy with? If not, then let us know what more are on the shelves of Apps Store to add colours in the Temple Run genre.

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