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Top 10 Games for Windows 7

With Windows 7 OS, you can enjoy various playable games. This article gives you a summary, properties and some enjoyable pros and cons about 10 games that you would surely enjoy on your Windows 7 PC.

Top 10 games launches to look forward to in 2024

The first month of the year is already moving towards the end, and this is the right time to check out a few of the great games that are expected in 2024. Yes, the year 2024 is here, with a considerably good list of anticipated games set to launch this year. How about checking them out?

Top 5 open world games to try on PS5 in 2023

The list of best open-world games that can be played on PS5 is not as large as some might think. So, we have compiled a list of the top 5 open-world PS5 games for you in this article.

Types of Solitaire Games and How To Play Them

Did you know that there are multiple types of Solitaire games? While many of us have heard and played Spider Solitaire, but what other varieties of games are there? Read this article to know more.

Best award winning AR games to try in 2023

With the growth in augmented reality devices, the niche of AR games has also been growing consistently. Are you looking to find the best AR games that you can explore in 2023? The list is quite enticing, and we make an attempt here to pick the best among them.

How To Improve Aim In Valorant Game?

Valorant has been one of the most prominent and popular games and one of the excellent first-person shooter games that you would want to explore. However, have you found that your aim is not proper in Valorant? Want to know how to improve your aim in Valorant? Let us explore the best options to help you improve your aim in the Valorant game.

How to Create Runewords in Video Games

In this article, we discuss how to create Runewords in Video Games. Know what benefits are associated with Runewords socketing, by players do it and how you can do it in different games.

How to Patch Up Problems With PC Games

Games have also been a hot topic and numerous PCs are now specially designed in a manner where games can perform their best while giving the desired experience.

How to Convert a Laptop into a Gaming PC?

While PCs have long been the obvious option for most gamers when it comes to assembling their gaming setup. Some individuals want to know How to Convert a Laptop into a Best Gaming PC.

Reviewing every Duke Nukem game

Duke Nukem games have been the casualty of their own success. Know the different games that have been released in this series, which games worked and which ones failed. And know if you can expect any future release of this series or not.

Airmal iPhone Game Review | Gameplay and Tips

Read about the game Air Mail and know all about the game. Go through its walkthrough and gameplay and know the tips to play this game. Also read the review along with the pros and cons to decide whether to play Air Mail or not.

How to play "Transformers- The Game" game on PC/Laptop

Are you not able to master the ultimate robotic game, "Transformers- The Game"? Are you wanting to clutch the gears and get rid of every obstacles that come in your way? I am eager to help you. Read this article and know some top tricks, tips and cheats of the game.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game - A complete review

Are you eager to look over a review of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game by Rock Star North? Read out the article cum guide to get informed about the story line, features, characters, tips, news, cheat codes and review of GTA San Andreas game. In other words, get knowledge about what, when, how and why FAQs regarding the successor of Grand Theft Auto Vice City game, San Andreas.

Best Desktop Games to play during COVID-19

Almost every other country has gone into a lockdown ever since the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 has stuck the humans. The work and jobs have become a thing of the past. Are you bored with the lockdown and the loneliness? How about checking out a few games that you can play?

iOS game Subway Surfers reviews, walkthrough and how to play tips

Read about the game Subway Surfers game and know the pros and cons of the game. Go through the walkthrough of the game Subway Surfers and know the tips to proceed in this game. Know about the features of this game and read the complete review of Subway Surfers.

How to Play Tekken 3 [PS1/PSX] on Android Smartphone

Altough Google Playstore has lots of fighting games for Android, but the most popular fighting game, Tekken is still not available there. Here is a guide to install and Play Tekken 3 on any smartphone running Android OS.

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