ASUS Zenbook Prime Ultrabook - A review

Read the hands-on review of the new ultrabook from ASUS Zenbook Prime. Know the features, specs and performance of the ASUS ultrabook Zenbook Prime and know about its software and hardware performances along with price and availability

ASUS is really shining over the market with its latest releases with full technology. ASUS announced its new device called ASUS Zenbook Prime, a touch enabled laptop, on last week. ASUS Zenbook Prime is the latest known ultrabook released by ASUS and it has been upgraded with full HD IPS display from the Zenbook that was launched a year before.

ASUS also provides a touch enabled capacitive screen and an user interface of Windows 8 on Zenbook Prime. Except from the feature of a capacitive touch screen ASUS Zenbook Prime seems to be similar in its features compared to rest of the devices. ASUS also announced that ASUS Zenbook Prime will be coming soon to the US. ASUS Zenbook Prime ultrabook delivers in three different models mainly, a 11 inch UX21A Zenbook, 13 inch UX31A Zenbook and 13 inch UX32VD Zenbook Prime Ultrabooks.

ASUS Zenbook Prime

Display of ASUS Zenbook Prime

ASUS Zenbook Prime offers the best display than any other ultrabooks that have been introduced so far. As we know that when pixel of a display increases we will be enabled to see sharper text and images. All the three models of Zenbook Prime comes with an optional full HD 1080p having a powerful resolution of 1920X1080 pixels of an amazing display. This gorgeous display in ASUS Zenbook Prime models has been considered as the one among the largest update from its last year`s screen resolutions. There are very rare ultrabooks that offers this much pixels, most of them comes with only 1366 X 768 pixels. ASUS Zenbook Prime`s full HD display also delivers In Plane Switching Technology(IPS) for its all the three models. Since the display of ASUS Zenbook Prime devices features IPS technology, the screens will provide brilliant colours and better viewing angles. The touch screen display of ASUS Zenbook Prime also features 10- finger touch enabled screen.

Hardware Configuration of ASUS Zenbook Prime

The hardware specifications of all the three models comes with same features. ASUS Zenbook Prime Ultrabooks are designed with Intel's third generation Ivy Bridge processors. In the field of processors also, ASUS Zenbook Prime is ahead compared to other ultrabooks due to the announce of Ivy Bridge updates in Zenbook Prime. It is expected that ASUS Zenbook Prime devices will be equipped with 1.7GHz Intel main i5-2557M processor. Like rest of other Ultrabooks, the ASUS Zenbook Prime devices also use Intel graphics, most probably Intel HD 4000, inside them. There is also an optional feature for ASUS Zenbook Prime UX32VD which can have Nvidia GeForce graphics card. This enables Zenbook to be used for high graphics facilities, and if you are a gamer then this will be the Ultrabook as it stand ahead to support high gaming graphics and rest of the Ultrabooks comes with Intel's Old HD 3000 graphics.

Operating System of ASUS Zenbook Prime

All the three models of ASUS Zenbook Prime laptops comes with Windows 8 integrated interface as Operating System. Although ASUS has announced all its tablet series and ultrabook series in anticipation of Windows 8, the ASUS Zenbook Prime is not at all left behind. ASUS Zenbook Prime also introduce a new animated brightness widget, which is a native looking for Windows 8, apart from the old windows 7 brightness controls. These ASUS Zenbook Prime products and other ASUS windows 8 integrated systems will be available only with the Windows 8 launch.

Other features of ASUS Zenbook Prime

ASUS Zenbook Prime features many other features that are commonly seen on every other similar ultrabooks. Zenbook Prime has got a 4GB RAM along with 128GB SSD. It also features wireless connectivity of WiFi having 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 connection. ASUS Zenbook Prime delivers two full USB ports, 4 in 1 card reader, headphone jack and a micro HDMI port all around the device. This ultrabook also features a VGA camera in front of the device which can be used for Video calling or Videoconferencing. ASUS Zenbook Prime ultrabook has a powerful battery that can last for 6 to 7 hours of working. The ASUS Zenbook Prime products are expected to be available in market very nearly months with a price of $1,050.

Wrap Up

ASUS Zenbook Prime is expected to shine over the market with its three models mainly 11 inch UX21A Zenbook, 13 inch UX31A Zenbook and 13 inch UX32VD Zenbook Prime Ultrabooks. Although ASUS has announced many advanced convertible laptops and dual screen ultrabooks, ASUS Zenbook Prime is not a product that stand behind. Overall this Ultrabooks comes with an advanced and unique technology by ASUS and it has been proved by ASUS that their technology stood a step ahead.

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