How to see WhatsApp, SMS and Email from Android phone on computer?

If you are someone who works on computers and forgets your phone somewhere else? In that case, you will definitely want to have access to the phone notifications right on your phone. Well, there are apps that help you do that. Let us check out a few apps that would help you out.

Working on computers and having to check out the notifications on your smartphones can be a tough task. It can render you non-productive at most of the times. That is precisely when you would be looking for an app that pushes the phone notifications onto your phone. We will analyse a few apps that specifically achieve it in today's post.


MightyText is indeed an excellent option for all your needs in pushing your phone notifications right onto your computer. If you have used an iPhone, you may be aware of the iMessage functionality that it offers you. MightyText should be what can be considered to be iMessage on Android.
Apart from providing you access to the notifications from your phone to appear on your computer, it also lets you access the phone dialer remotely. MightyText also offers access to all app notifications right away on your computer. The app also has access to your media library, but you may need to opt for Pro version if you want to use the feature.
You will need to have access to the app on your phone and use the Chrome extension on your computer for the functionality of PC text messaging to work. On your computer, you may either choose to opt for the web app or a standalone application. The app is also available for Mac OS. The Pro version is available at $ 39.99 per year or $ 3.99 per month.


">Pushbullet - true to its name Pushes the messages from your phone to your computer. In fact, the Pushbullet has been what has set standards for the PC text messaging space. Of course, there are several apps in the genre, but no other app beats the performance that Pushbullet offers.
Like other apps in the genre, it too requires a companion app on your smartphone. On your computer, you can install either the standalone app or opt for the browser plugin. As soon as you receive a notification on your phone, you will be alerted right away on your computer. If you find any of the notifications nagging or unimportant, you can decide to mute them.
Pushbullet also supports sending the media and other files between your computer and phone. The functionality worked seamlessly when we tested it on our devices. You also have access to Channels so that you can get the information you are interested in. There are several topics you can choose from.


It is one of the apps that has been the pioneers in the arena of bringing phone messages and alerts to your desktop screen. It has been a popular and capable service that surpasses almost all the other options you may have ever worked with.
airdroid notification alert
You can just have an access to the AirDroid app and create an account with them. It will sync your messages and other alerts on your phone to be reflected on your desktop. The service has apps for Windows, Mac and Chrome.
Please ensure that you have taken caution while installing the app. The Windows version will come up with a spammy search extension. Just avoid the installation. It can handle all the tasks that Pushbullet and other similar apps have been able to perform. Some mirroring options it can handle include messages, other app notifications and remote dialling among other pop-ups.


Pushline is completely equivalent to Pushbullet. In fact, the name in itself should be an indication to the same functionality that it offers you.
In essence, it is the complete clone of Pushbullet. The only difference between the two is that Pushline is completely free. In fact, we would consider it as one of the excellent options as it is available for free with no ads, no payments and no in-app purchases.
It supports sharing all the content like notes/links/websites, syncs your phone storage seamlessly with your computer without any issues and replying to SMSs. The app does not support file transfers though. Pushline can mute or unmute your calls and make or receive the calls remotely from your computer. It also comes with an Anti Theft option to locate your phone of it is lost.

The Parting Thoughts

Well, those were a few tools that can help improve your productivity by syncing your smartphone notifications with your Windows desktop. In fact, most of these applications work with the other operating systems like Mac as well. The notification mirroring is an essential option for doing away the need for checking each and every message arriving on your phone while you are busy with laptop or desktop.
Of the tools, we have discussed here, we found Pushbullet and MightyText to be extremely helpful. In fact, with Pushbullet going pay recently, we consider MightyText an excellent choice if you are looking for a simple functionality.


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