Sleep Tracking gadgets 1: wearable smart devices

Searching for a good wearable device to track your sleep cycles? This article provides information on 2 popular devices, a watch and a mask, which can help to monitor and analyze your sleep patterns.

Admit it, most of us have become working zombies, so much so that sleep has become a rare commodity. We are always craving for a good night's sleep, preferably with nice dreams, as also a better awakening experience rather than an abrupt, tired wakening. Gadgets and devices are what is giving us fewer hours sleep and dreadful awakenings. Ironically, it is gadgets and devices that are also allowing us to analyse our sleep patterns and aid us to sleep better with auto sleep, nap and wake detection features. Let's have a look at 2 of the popular wearable devices. If you prefer not to wear a device, check this out: Sleep Tracking gadgets 2: bedside sleep monitors

Brite R450

We are aware that we need lots of natural light in order to maintain a healthy body, but how many of us bother about tracking how much of this we really get?! The Brite R450 is is a wearable wrist device which acts as our natural light tracking assistant. It will give you an alert notification when you need to have more natural light at the start of your day and when you will require less of it at the end of the day before sleeping.

The Brite R450 which is said to help reduce the symptoms of seasonal affectivity disorder, better known by its abbreviated name SAD. Your sleep rhythms are synchronized neatly via the monitors in the Brite R450, which track both blue light exposure and ambient light at one go, thus managing the exposure to light efficiently. The monitoring is done via an inbuilt light spectrum sensor and unique algorithms.

You can customize your Brite R450 device with a ComfortFit Band. The reversible bands are available at

Sleep tracking Features

The Intelligent Wake up feature in the Brite R450 ensures that you are not rudely awakened from a deep sleep. Instead, it analyses your sleep quality data to awaken you within your time-frame option. This awakening is also not some noisy feature, but a gentle vibrating alarm.

It is not just the regular sleep patterns of your night-time sleep, but also the short naps which you may take during the day that get monitored and analysed. Not only the lighting system but also your movements and posture of arms are taken into consideration when the sleep monitoring kicks in.

Brite R450
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Additional Features

  • The device is waterproof

  • The Brite R450 calculates your current heart rate and can store multiple measurements.

  • The watch keeps a track of calories burned, steps, distance and workouts. The recorded data can be stored up to 7 days.

Hardware specs

  1. Head size of watch: 42mm diameter

  2. LCD: 27mm diameter

  3. Band: 217mm (max.) adjustable & durable polyurethane band with SureSnap Clasp

  4. Colour combos: Midnight black/Freesia (seen in the image above); Arctic White/Orchid; Midnight black/Titanium

  5. Lens: Polycarbonate, impact resistant

  6. Battery: Replaceable coin cell CR2032

  7. Water Resistance capacity: Submersible - 30 m

Price: $129 with 1 year warranty, excluding battery

What users say: Unfortunately, the Brite R450 has not lived up to user expectations. Those who eagerly bought it discovered that due to the poor backlighting in the watch, the device was not of any use at night. Furthermore, most have complained of lack of sync with their smartphone devices. While it does seem to have helped some users with tracking their workouts, overall it has disappointed many as far as its main feature is concerned, namely sleep tracking and light requirements which you need. Everybody seems to have only found it comfortable and fun to wear!

Know more about the product at:


At this year's Europas Awards, the NeuroON was a candidate on the short-list of best hardware startups. It is not a bedside device but a sleep mask to assist efficient sleep and clarity of dreams. It incorporates a unique technology which senses eye movements as well as brain waves, thereby inducing a transition into deep sleep. NeuroOn also has a Smart Alarm-enabled feature which, like Withings Aura, helps you to know when the day has dawned.

NeuroOn sleep mask
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How it works

You simply put on the NeuroON sleep mask and, well, go to sleep. It will monitor your sleep cycle through: (i) sleep waves (ii)eye movements (iii) heart rate (iv) muscle tension and (v) blood saturation. An alarm which is co-related to your sleep phase will help to reduce that awful groggy feeling you get when you wake up. Instead of feeling like a sloth, you wake up in a natural manner, alert to a new dawn due to the mask's unique light therapy feature which creates an artificial dawn.

The analytical functions are done by the NeuroOn. It captures the signals sent from the mask which you are wearing and provides a comprehensive personal sleep score. In addition, it will provide useful tips in order to increase the score if you do lack in sleep - which is highly likely! The mask and app would be especially useful for those who are constant travellers and feel sluggish often due to crisscrossing around global time zones.

What users say: As of now the NeuroOn is available for pre-order booking for $299 and is likely to be available in April next year.

Know more about the product at:

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