Sleep Tracking gadgets 2: bedside sleep monitors

Would you like to know about the new bedside monitors which act as sleep tracking devices? This article provides information on 2 of the most popular ones, namely S+ and Withings Aura.

In part 1 on sleep tracking devices, we learned about wearable smart devices to track sleep cycles. Probably you don't much like the idea of wearing a watch while you sleep or find the mask annoying to put on at bedtime. In that case, you can opt for a compact, portable bedside monitor. Here are two of the most popular ones.


The S+ smart device is a compact sleep tracking monitor. Put it at your bedside and it will monitor not just your breathing patterns but also your body positions. Its unique bio-motion sensors even monitor the quality of the air in your room, the temperature and the noise & darkness levels. What's more, you can select friendly sleep sounds available on the device, sounds which are in perfect synchronization with your breathing patterns. All in all, the S+ thereby provides for a great ambiance to help you drift off to sleep.

S+ bedside monitor to track sleep
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The heart of the device is the ResMed app. You need to download this app first on your iOS or Android device. You then provide personal details about your health issues, the medicines you may be taking, your physical stats, etc. This information gets stored in a cloud and the company gives an assurance that no third party is privy to your details. When you plug in your device, a green light will confirm that it is coordinating properly with the ResMed app.

How it works

Your sleep patterns are caught by the S+ sensor, as also your room's environmental data. All this is then relayed to the app. which uses its analytical mind to convert that data to concrete scores that get displayed in a graph.

Having creative thoughts rocketing around your brain while you sleep? Those thoughts too can be recorded by a voice memo feature of the device so that you don't lose some ideas that could well be the next greatest invention of the century!

Is a muddled mind making it difficult for you to sleep? Take the help of S+ in-built soothing sounds, any of the ten which you like and the sound will sync with your breathing pattern.

Then there is the smart alarm feature to ensure that you don't oversleep. Set the alarm as per you choice, as well as daily or on a particular day of every week.

Once you use it on a daily basis, the S+ Mentor pops in, acting very much like a teacher admonishing a recalcitrant student. It will point out if you slept less than the requisite requirement and suggest what you ought to do to improve your sleep score

What users say: The S+ works like a charm. Once you are able to set it up as per the instructions provided, within reach of its ability to monitor your sleep, it does give it its all. The plus point is its functional utility to play the role of a medical assistant, doling out advice.

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Withings Aura

Ever been to a mesmerizing sound and light show? The Withings Aura is not exactly on that level, but does have all the wizardry involved in audio-visual pyrotechnics. It is a bedside device which not only tracks light levels, sounds and temperature, but also has a lamp which operates on a system which correlates light & the secretion of melatonin, the hormone which is responsible for our body's circadian rhythms and aids in sleeping. The light system also works like a messaging system to inform you of the start of day time. As for the sound part, there are inbuilt ones which put you soothingly to sleep and others which wake you up gradually.

Withings Aura bedside sleep monitor
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The technical aspects are:
  • 11.3"h x 5"w x 5.3"d monitor with touch interface and an audio speaker having its own fabric cover. There are 3 USB ports, 2 to connect for up to 2 sleep sensors and one for charging your smartphone.

  • 0.6"h x 8.3"w x 27.6"d with washable textile cover and a 4m-cable with fabric finish for airwave-free connection

How it works

You have to put the Sleep Sensor beneath your mattress and the monitoring device near your bed. The device's orange-red light comes on when you fall asleep and a blue light is emitted to awaken you. To get an idea, you can check out the official website which has the images of the device with the lights. Gentle, soothing music lulls you to sleep and a melody awakens you. An associated app enables you to adjust the light in case you find it too much of a glare.

The sensor is what monitors your sleep cycles via 3 aspects: (i) body movements, (ii) heart rate and (iii) breathing cycle. All these are analysed and converted into a graph on the smartphone app which you can check out on waking up. The graph indicates how much time you took to fall asleep, the duration of your sleep and number of wake-ups.

Note the following configuration requirements:
  • Apple iPhone (4s or later)
  • Apple iPod Touch (5th generation or later)
  • Devices with IOS 7.0 or later and internet access
  • Internet access via home WI-FI access point

What users say: The only thumbs down to this smart device is its price – most everyone frowned at the steep tag of $299. Otherwise it seems to be a marvelous gizmo right from its design to its functionality. In fact, what users just love is that it requires no inputs to track your sleep. In short, its snazzy, smart and effective. What more could you ask for?!

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