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Tech recycling 101: Everything you need to know

Do you care for the environment and want to make sure that the tech you use doesn't end up in a landfill? Read this article to know how to recycle your gadgets and other electronic instruments properly.

Top five ebook subscription services

This article discusses about the top five ebook subscription services available online, and if you are looking to spend on one now, then you should read this, it will give you some idea about all the major subscription services available online, and will help you in choosing the right one.

Most Common Parking Management System Solutions

Do you face difficulty in finding parking spaces in your city? In this article, we discuss Vision Zero and how a parking management system contributes to making it a success by making our city roads safer.

Customer Service in the Digital Age: What You Need to Know

In a world where businesses are taking the digital route to expand their footprint, know how it affects the Customer Service vertical. Know what you need to change in your organization, what training, skills and tools you would need to onboard to overhaul your Customer Service in the Digital Age.

Remote Working Is Here to Stay: Investing In Remote Work Software Is Critical

Offices are opening up at a lot of places but many companies are open to adopting a hybrid model to keep their employees happy who have got used to the comfortable WFH environment. Know why it makes sense to invest in Remove Work Software in such a case.

What it takes to crack a Placement of an IT company?

Did you wonder what key areas the IT companies look for in a graduate or a post-graduate student to hire? If you are an IT student who is willing to prepare for an IT placement then you are at the right place. In this article, I have mentioned a few areas which are majorly focused to crack a placement program for any IT company.

Alternative ways MSPs can provide internet connectivity

In this article, we will discuss how you can get internet connectivity other than the common leased lines, broadband and bonded broadband. Know when you should consider such alternates and what advantages and disadvantages are associated with it.

SOC 2 Automation: Why Do You Need It?

SOC 2 compliance is becoming an industry standard now with many customers looking at it as a priority parameter. So, how do you avoid the costly process of manually doing your SOC 2 review and rather automate it for a quick and cost-saving output?

Using Predictive Dialers in Call Centers

Running an online business makes having a Call center necessity. Solving customer problems quickly and to their satisfaction is very important. Predictive Dialers in Call Centers can reduce wait times to a big extent. Know more about its features and how it can improve your customer satisfaction.

How to upgrade to Windows 11?

Windows 11, the next version of the operating system from Microsoft, has already been rolled out and is available for all the eligible devices. However, it is still a little confusing for most of the users and that is exactly why it is most important to find the best options on how to upgrade to Windows 11.

Service Desk vs Help Desk: How Do They Differ?

What is the difference between a Service Desk and Help Desk? Know how the difference matters a lot to your organization and how important they become with the corresponding growth of your organization.

How Airtel and Jio duopoly will impact telecom market?

Until recently, there was a huge posibility of a duopoly in the Indian telecom market. Even now, the possibility has not gone down.What will happen if the Indian telecom market is reduced to a two player market? How will it impact the market? Let us try understanding the repercussions.

Addressing the Biggest Concerns in Artificial Intelligence

Are the advancement in Artificial Intelligence going to make humans redundant? Would creativity and innovation, which are still the exclusive domains of humans, be soon captured by programs that themselves would be able to code? Get the answer to this and more.

The power of AI-enabled Global Payroll Services

Does bringing in an AI-powered Global Payroll system streamlines your payroll and HR functions? Is the cost of bringing such a system worth it? How easy is it to train employees to use it? Know the answer to these questions and more in this article.

How to remove your contact from Truecaller?

Almost all of us use Truecaller - an app that lets us know the callers details. But, having your details on Truecaller can be unwanted many times. Want to know how to remove your name and contact details from Truecaller database? Read this article to have a clear idea on how to remove your unlist your details from the service.

Why Email Signature is an Opportunity to Promote Yourself

Read this article to know how to create the perfect Email signature that can be used to promote yourself in a professional way. See how to create that informational yet smart looking email signature by going through this article.

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