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How to apply for birth certificate in Haryana for instituionalised births?

Technology has made us opt for social and Government services with ease. Governments today have been able to streamline and provide their services with better administrative ability. Saral Haryana is one such service offered by the Government of Haryana. How about checking how to apply for a birth certificate in Haryana? Let us find the steps in applying for the birth certificate in Haryana in a digital mode.

The benefits of a power dialer and the Aircall business phone service

Are you in a business where you connect with your leads on phone calls? Would you like a solution that can help you streamline the calling process so that your agents spend less time connecting and more time talking? Here we are reviewing AirCall, one of the well-known tools that helps you connect with customers almost instantly.

Women Leading the Wave of Digital Transformation

Read this article to learn how Women are leading the wave of digital transformation by breaking boundaries, exploring new horizons, and bringing about innovations that are disrupting the tech landscape like never before.

How can teachers encourage coding in the classroom?

Are you also looking for ways to introduce coding to your students in the classroom? This derailed guide will help you choose some of the best ways to integrate coding in the classroom. Read the article to learn more:

Pros and cons of EU's Digital Markets Act

The groundbreaking Digital Markets Act of the EU is aimed at promoting a fair digital sector in the region. The law has set some major dos and don'ts for the top tech giants. In this article, let's learn what are the pros and cons of this landmark law.

How is Uber Group ride different from Uber Pool?

Uber Group Ride is a new feature that the ride-hailing platform has launched across India after several other countries. This article details everything about this new feature and how it differs from Uber Pool.

All benefits of Zomato Gold in detail

Several offers made by online food delivery platforms may be on your list if you are a foodie and like to dine out with your friends and family. But choosing the right one may again be an issue. Zomato Gold Program is one such plan that one should know about in detail. Read this article to know more about it.

How AI Is Going to Transform Customer Service

Read this article to know Artificial Intelligence is going to bring about a sea change in Customer Service industry. Know how it would affect the jobs of customer support executives and what we have to look ahead in future.

Why RFID Wristbands for Events are So Popular

In this article, we explain why RFID wristbands are gaining immense popularity in all big and small events across the globe. Know what are the benefits of using RFID wristbands and when you should consider using it any event your organise.

High page views but low Google Adsense revenue, why?

Are you tired of low Adsense revenue?, If you are receiving "high page views but low Google Adsense revenue" then you need to read this article. I have explained about the reasons of getting low Adsense revenue. By reading this article, you can know why sometimes you are getting low Google Adsense revenue; even if you are receiving high pageviews.

Best tech gadgets showcased in Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India soon became a popular business reality show on Indian television. The platform is used by many tech entrepreneurs to seek investment and create a larger consumer base. In this article, we have detailed some of the best tech startups featured on the popular show.

Gaming Reimagined: The Future of AR and VR in the Gaming Industry

This article delves into the exciting possibilities of AR and VR technology in gaming, including immersive experiences, player engagement, cross-platform integration, and use in other industries. Learn about advancements in technology, predictions for market growth and the potential for new game genres. Are you ready to discover the future of AR and VR in gaming? Read on to find out more.

Best tech themed movies and TV shows on HBO Max

Who doesn't like science fiction movies or web series? If you are an HBO Max user and are looking for the best options for tech-themed movies and TV shows on the streaming service, here are a few good ones that you can explore.

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