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Are you looking for free DVD ripper software? Here is a review of uRex DVD ripper, one of the most popular DVD backup software available in the market. Learn more about uRex free DVD Ripper.

My 4 year old son came to me complaining another movie DVD stopped working. I took the DVD from his hand, turned the side to see how it looks and what I found was not really surprising. He has completely scratched the DVD just like he did to many other expensive movie DVDs we bought in the past. If you see it, you may wonder how someone can make so many scratches on a DVD without really rubbing it against a hard floor but nothing is impossible for kids when it comes to spoiling DVDs and toys!

My initial response to my son was, you will no longer get any more new DVDs. But I knew that is not going to work because I can't stand his screaming more than a few minutes. I told him I will be inserting and removing the DVDs in the player and he is no longer allowed to mess with them. But I quickly realised that is a bigger pain because he wants to change the movie every few minutes, especially when I am on important phone calls.

So, what is the solution for damaging original movie DVDs due to scratches and other physical problems? I finally figured out myself - make a copy of the DVD and keep the originals safe, which is legal and safe way to keep your expensive and important DVDs safe from mishandling and losing.

DVD Ripping

Most of the commercial DVDs are locked and cannot be copied to other media like hard disks, USB drives or another DVD. The locking mechanism is introduced to prevent piracy and illegal distribution of movies/software.

A DVD Ripper is a software that allows you to bypass some of those restrictions and freely convert the video and audio in CD/DVD to other formats and copy to any other media of your choice. There are several DVD ripper software available in the market, each one with various capabilities and features. Some of them are very basic and allow you to make copies of copy protected CDs and DVDs. Some others are really advanced and offers features like converting from one format to another format, edit video/audio content, backup DVDs, make discs region free and so on. Some of those which offer very basic features are free software but most of them with advanced features are paid software.

uRex free DVD Ripper software

After my repeated experience of damaging the expensive DVDs by kids, I decided to review some of the DVD Ripper software available and pick up one for myself. uRex DVD Ripper is one of the interesting DVD ripper software I reviewed and I thought I will share my experience here.

Here are some of the features of uRex DVD Ripper:

  • Support for most versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)

  • Wide range of formats are supported (AVI, DviX, XviD, FLV, F4V, MOV, MKV, MPEG, H.264)

  • You can extract DVD audio into various formats

  • Supports ISO image

  • You can use it with Apple devices like iPhone, iPad etc

  • Supports smartphones and tablets like Android devices, Windows phones, Kindle Fire and so on.

  • Very powerful video editing features like Merge, Split and so on.

  • Upgrade is always free. You can upgrade your software to latest version at no cost and continue to get support for newly introduced formats as they evolve.

  • One of the interesting and very useful features I found in uRex is, you can convert and copy your DVD movies into your smartphones or tablets. This is an extremely useful feature for those who travel a lot. When I am on a plane or car, I don't want to have a DVD player next to me. I would rather copy my favorite movies to my Google Nexus 4 phone and enjoy the movie.

    uRex DVD Ripper comes in 3 flavors:
    1. Free Ripper - a free version with all the common features.

    2. iPhone Ripper - with support for most of the Apple devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV etc

    3. Platinum Edition - all DVD ripping features in one product.

    uRex DVD Ripper review

    If you are looking for a free solution to backup and make copies of your DVDs, then the free edition is the best choice for you. If you are looking for a premium edition with additional features and customer support, then consider upgrading to one of the premium editions.

    You can compare all 3 editions and choose the one best for your requirements.

    Compare features of DVD Ripper
    A comparison of features in various editions

    uRex - A reliable free DVD ripper with no spyware or malware

    When I started my research in Google for a free DVD ripper, I found more than hundred options. I did not test all of them but decided to shortlist a few based on reviews and recommendations by other prominent reviewers like CNET and PC Magazine. I don't usually trust all the reviews I read on the web, so I decided to review the shortlisted ones myself and handpick the best choice.

    One of the biggest problems I found with the free software is, the spyware and malware I get with them! Some of them are too intrusive software - I will be tired of declining their additional free offers like changing my homepage on the browser, installing free anti-spyware and so on. No matter how much I try, I will end up having many unwanted software on my computer after the use of those free DVD Rippers. I can't blame them - they give it for free to make something out of it!

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    Experience with uRex

    uRex did not disappoint me at all. I downloaded the free version and it took less than a minute to download the 8Mb installer using my BSNL WiMax internet connection. Installation was pretty straight forward with a few standard screens, even though I should point out a minor issue. The installer will auto select the folder to install as "C:\Program Files\uRexSoft\", but then complained that the folder does not exist and asked my confirmation to create it automatically for me. Even though it was a single additional click, I thought that was an unwanted step. Why would it ask my permission to create a folder? It is an industry standard that any installer will automatically create the folder to install the software.

    Installation took less than a minute and the product was launched automatically for me. The start screen is very impressive and professionally designed. A lot of care has been given to make the interface as user friendly as possible. All key options are right there in the screen and you can reach out to additional options on a single button click. Moreover, the getting started guide is right there on the screen, which will enable even a novice user to start ripping DVDs right away. Comprehensive help topics are also reachable from the main screen. A point to note here is, the help topics are offline help and no need to have an active internet connection to read the user guide.

    Overall, uRex is a great DVD Ripper software, which offers free and premium editions. Just like the premium edition, the free one also comes with some of the premium features and most importantly, I found no malware or spyware and intrusive behaviour like altering your browser homepage and other settings.

    Visit to download uRex and try it yourself.

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    DVD Rpper software is a must have for watching movies without interruptions. Thanks for sharing information about uRex free DVD ripper. I am going to download and try it today.

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    One of the most wanted article and people will love it. Thanks for sharing the valuable information about the uRex free DVD ripper tool.

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