What is Ribbon and its role in Microsoft office 365?

When we are making use of the Microsoft office 365 then the word “Ribbon” occurs again & in each line and this word itself specifies the fast speed and performance of the Microsoft Office 365. So, In this article, I will explain to you, what is the Ribbon and explain its role in the Microsoft Office 365 online applications.

What is the Ribbon in Microsoft Office 365?

With in the windows environment, we are making use of the graphical user interface for the application software that consist of the ribbon which is the interface where a set of toolbars are placed on the tabs and the Microsoft itself has added these new features in it with the modular ribbon as its main interface for accessing of the large number of toolbars using the graphical representations of control elements which is grouped in certain sets which is kept apart from each other and having the different functionality which has been separated according to the class to which they belongs and exhibit different sets of behaviour by eliminating the need of different icon based toolbars by making use of the contextual objects that when selected provides the specific tools for the items that belongs to objects and consisting of tables and images.

Role of Ribbons in Microsoft office 365

What is Ribbon and role of it in Microsoft office 365?

The Ribbons are the modern way that help the users to find out the tools and understand the requirement and work of the each tool which is used in it and make it use for the processing and computing operation efficiently using the minimum number of clicks and provide the convenience to the user such that they do not require to visit to the help menu and basically for the first time Microsoft has used the ribbons in the Fluent user interface in the Microsoft office 2007 with certain command buttons and icons that are placed in the well defined order under the set of tabs that are grouped together to form the application which is the set of the tabs with options that represents the certain operation, the ribbon can be minimized by double clicking on the active tab that consolidates the functionality of the menu, toolbars and many other tasks performed with in the system, earlier the ribbon was restricted to the Microsoft word, Microsoft excel ,Microsoft Access and Microsoft PowerPoint applications and in the release of the Microsoft office 2010, it is available in basically all the applications and shows its importance in few Microsoft servers such as Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft Dynamics and windows 7 applications which can be even customized by adding the “customUI" RibbonX xml file document to the office open XML document type that will be helpful for the users which is making use of the graphical user interface.

What is Ribbon and role of it in Microsoft office 365?

Using the ribbon you can hide the concept of opening the option from the main menu, as you can directly interact with the option and provide the speed to the computer system such that options and tools can be accessed directly from the new user interface that is Ribbon using the professional clicking concept and most of the word processing applications are easily carried out by it with the WIMP interface which consist of the series of programs to help their users to learn the interface fully using the video and add-ins support and basically so many developers and web designers are making use of it for the graphical based reports by accessing the tools quickly from the interface. Moreover, the Microsoft Office 365 make use of it for the fast editing of the documents, the creation of the applications is also too much fast in comparison with the Google document because of ribbon feature which is capable of holding the so much powerful tools with in its tabs and you can use the shortcuts directly from the ribbon tab itself. Instead of this, different fonts and formats are also used in it.

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