Impact of mobile devices on preschoolers' growth according to scientists

Does your kid spend so much time watching content on mobile phones? Are you aware of the impact mobile devices make on the growth of preschoolers according to scientists? Read this article to know in detail.

The impact of mobile devices on children of all ages has been a hotly debated topic for some time now. With our increased dependency on technology, gadgets, and social media, the impact of technology on our lives has also gone higher in both ways be it positive or negative. It's understood that technology remains an integral part of our lives seeing the current scenario but at the same time, the impact it's making on our children's lifestyle can also not be ignored. The usage of mobile devices and consumption of digital media content is increasing at great speed making all of us a kind of slave of technology. It is also not difficult to understand that the excessive use of technology can be as harmful as it can be for children of every age group. But do we really mean it and understand its side effects in the long run?

Several studies show that little kids are now using their smartphones at an alarming rate raising concerns about the use of technology among the youngest of the young. In the short term, it is the content and screen time children are exposed to could potentially affect their development and brain. A large portion of the internet is dedicated to children's use and there is a high probability that they will encounter inappropriate behavior that may negatively influence their mental health. If their screen time is not restricted and content is not monitored it can turn very harmful for them. Hence parents must control or limit children's screen time and ensure that children have access only to appropriate videos or games etc.

Impact of Mobile Devices on Preschoolers' Growth According to Scientists

Some parents may take pride in how easily their kids are using smartphones at a very young age and they allow them to surf the internet without knowing its consequences. They are kids and can spend the entire day watching YouTube videos or playing games on mobile but it is their parents who have to be mindful of the limited use of mobiles. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), kids aged between 2 to 5 years should not be allowed to watch mobile phones for more than an hour on weekdays and 3 hours on weekends. Mobile phones can not be entirely risk-free thus parents' guidance is necessary.

However, we recommend you wait until the right age before handing your kids a phone and try to avoid it as much as possible. Let's understand what researchers and scientists have to say about the harmful impact of mobile devices on preschoolers:

Little Girl Using Mobile

1. Impact on Overall Growth of Kids

Experts say that 0-6 is the main age of growth for any child. They learn and adapt things from their surroundings that play a major role in their development to shape their future. This is the time when their brain grows and starts taking shape according to the atmosphere they are being brought up in. Parents initially hand over the devices to these tiny totes to get their work done but slowly it becomes a permanent habit for the kids. The kids become so stubborn and start showing tantrums and they don't eat, sleep, or work without a mobile device or a tablet.

They get completely cut off from outside life and their mobile remains the only friend in their life due to their exposure to mobile devices at an early age. Their parents need to understand that the use of mobile phones at an early age obstructs their brain activities as well as physical activities. It also slows down their learning abilities and causes behavioral problems in the long run.

2. Cancer

Mobile phones could negatively impact brain development according to a study published by The Journal of the American Medical Association. The study even claims that the use of mobile phones at a tender age could possibly lead to several health hazards including non-malignant tumors. Even the International Agency for Research on Cancer Agency (IARC) a part of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned against the use of mobile phones by kids. WHO believes that cellphone radiation may probably cause cancer in humans and there is a greater absorption of radiation to the brains in children than the adults. However, no proof confirms that cell phone use is linked to tumor development in kids or adults.

3. Health Issues

Children who are glued to their mobile phones during most of their free time don't get fresh air or participate in physical activities. As a result, they become obese and suffer from other illnesses resulting in harmful diseases like hypertension and diabetes. This also disturbs their sleeping cycles thus pushing them towards anxiety and depression at a very tender age. Parents may also find it difficult to trace the signs of depression in kids. Moreover, it disrupts their academic life since kids can't concentrate in school if they are too sleepy—the consequences of this spill over into all aspects of their lives.

4. Speech Clarity Issue

As we are discussing the problems faced by preschoolers (3-5 years) by the use of smartphones it may also cause delay in speech among them. If the kids are given a smartphone at an early age it means there is less communication with parents and they get less chance to interact with them. It will certainly lead to a delay in speech and later on, speech clarity will also become a problem which then makes you consult speech therapists and doctors. A healthy conversation with your kids at every stage is necessary to give them a better understanding of social life.

5. Aggression

Aggression is a common sign seen among preschoolers nowadays. This is because they adapt most of their habits and conversations from the digital media they access. At this tender age, they can not differentiate between right and wrong and they do what they learn from the internet. Most importantly if they don't find a companion to express their feelings and emotions it becomes quite dangerous for their mental health. Yelling and hitting others are some of the common symptoms found in these kids. Thus, the right use of mobile phones and the consumption of productive content under parents' supervision is very important for kids growing up in this digital era.

Bottom Line

No matter what their age is as a parent it's your responsibility to prevent your child from being exposed to the harmful effects of mobile phones. Moreover, it is also important to give them mobile phones at the right age and educate them about digital literacy so that they get to know the rightful use of mobile devices. Children's well-being and good behavioral habits are ensured by keeping things in moderation and restricting usage hours.


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