10 Best Time Management Apps and Tools in 2022

If you are in an office or working from home, managing the time for staying productive is one of the toughest tasks. Right from the calendar management to to-do lists, there are several ways that you can go for an enhanced experience in managing your time and efforts. Are you looking for the best time management apps and tools? There are plenty of them and finding the best among them can be a tough choice ever.

Time management is the key to achieving success, and with so many distractions around, it can perhaps be the toughest task ever. More so when you have a job or duty that tends to be repetitive in nature. Using a powerful time management tool can prove to be quite effective in helping you achieve one of the most important things in your life - improving productivity. Let us explore a few of the best apps that can prove to be quite effective.

1. Toggl- The best time tracking tool

Are you looking for the best time tracking tool for improving your productive hours? Toggl app is probably what you should consider experiencing. The best part with the software lies in the fact that it can integrate well with a host of project management tools.

The prime focus of the app is on managing the time spent on each of your projects. That way, you would be able to manage your time across multiple projects and do justice to each one of them by distributing your time equally between them. It provides you with the option to track everything and anywhere. You may also review the past time and find who or what is dragging you into the unwanted tasks.

2. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is yet another great option for effective time management. It can be a great asset for both small and large businesses. It can also double up as a great option for both remote and hybrid workforces. The customization options offered by Time Doctor make it a formidable choice.
time doctor

A few of the options that can be useful in this context can include automatic time tracking, website monitoring, and screen monitoring. The app can also manage distractions rather efficiently. The detailed reporting available on the software is one of the most unique features that you would find quite impressive, with several reporting options that include a timesheet report, time use report, timeline report and projects report.

3. Remember the Milk

If you have a huge number of tasks that you have to manage and need a tool that can handle all the tasks more efficiently, Remember the Milk should fit your bill rightly enough. It can handle your multiple tasks, and it can do this on multiple devices. That should ideally be the unique option offered on the software.
remembr milk

The compatibility with several tools that you regularly use, such as Gmail and Outlook. You can decide how you would want to receive the updates. An ability to sync across devices should make it a formidable choice. Irrespective of whether you are looking for a time management app for individuals or a team, this should be a great choice for all your expectations. We found the options for adding tasks & sub-tasks, creating lists, and getting reminded for these tasks quite exciting.

4. Rescue Time

A great tool for using your time wisely, Rescue Time is an efficient option to let you know what is taking much of your time through the weekly reports. Coupled with the automatic time tracking, you would also find the tool providing you with powerful distraction blocking and reporting. It should be a great way to block the sites and activities that may be distracting you quite often.
rescue time

It can be efficient in finding the inefficiencies in your time management. It can also alert you when you spend more time on a single task. What would make it all the more powerful is its ability to track offline activities such s meetings and phone calls.

5. Time camp

In addition to powerful time management, the app also doubles up as a great means of letting you enjoy effective budgeting, reporting, and invoicing. It can be your smarter way of managing your time between different projects. The tool also comes with the options such as billing.
time camp

It can be considered a full-fledged time tracker tool because of the integration with billing solutions. You will find it a good option with the options for billing clients, measuring project profitability, or paying employees. The app is free for single users and comes with an intuitive interface. The flexibility of the app and the powerful reporting feature is a few of the exciting choices ever.

6. Todoist

Suppose you are trying to find the best options for capturing and ordering all your tasks with ease. It has been regarded as the ultimate to-do list option ever. It can double up as one of the unique and excellent time management options ever. Available as a browser app, it should definitely be a great way to manage your time more effectively.

The app lets you flag off the tasks on priority. With more than 25 million users worldwide, it is one of the top rankers among the high-end time management apps you can rely upon. Integration with other tools such as Gmail and Slack is one of the unique features that you would find quite exciting. Designed for both personal and professional usage scenarios, the time management app has definitely been regarded as prioritizing and communicating your tasks more effectively.

7. ProofHub

It is a great option for versatile project management efficiency. In fact, the tool finds a few great industries such as NASA, Disney, Taco Bell and more. The all in one tool can be a set with advanced features. In fact, you do not need to use multiple tools as it packs in a good number of features right away in one single tool.

The task management software can double up as one of the excellent options for managing and organizing your tasks quite effectively. Irrespective of whether you are a team manager or a member, you will find it a full-fledged time management app for almost all the needs you may have. An option to create daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring tasks can be seen as a powerful feature for complete time management.

8. Harvest

Harvest is one of the popular time management and billing assistance service. An easy to use interface coupled with a set of great feature sets will indeed make it one of the prominent choices ever. The robust time tracking features available on the software can indeed make it a great asset in the task.

The app integrates with a host of other tools that include Asana, Trello, and GitHub, among others. This tool can also measure and track the billable time to assist you in checking your account for every minute. The forecasting feature can be used for planning for the future. It can also be a good option to find if the tasks and projects are in tune with the allotted budget.

9. Asana

We are discussing the best time management apps and tools, and how can we forget to add Asana to this list? It has been a name synonymous with time management apps and tools. In fact, it is not just a time management tool, but it also provides you access to several functionalities that include project management, file storage, and collaboration. You can efficiently set the goals and then prioritize your tasks accordingly.

The real-time updates provided by the tool can definitely be a great option for tracking your projects. You will also be able to streamline your communication with ease. It should be a great option for team communication and team management. Over 100 integrations can be one of the unique options that you would find quite impressive in handling your tasks and managing them much efficiently.

10. Trello

Trello is yet another time management software that would perhaps not need any introduction. It should be one of the top options which can be a full-fledged tool for visualizing your projects on an intuitive dashboard. The simple task management option offered by the time management option can indeed make it a formidable option as well.
It can be your best option for tracking your projects in a very visual way ever. You can simply create the cards as per your tasks. You can mark the tasks as To Do, In Progress, and Completed. This can actually work as a cue so that you can begin working on the tasks that have not received the proper attention.

The Final Wrap Up

Well, irrespective of whether you are looking for a time management tool for personal usage or professional use, you would find the options featured here to be quite effective in almost every possible way. Of course, picking the one that rightly meets your needs should be quite a troublesome task and more of a trial and error option.

The simple idea should be to go through the features that you aspire for, pick the tools that meet this goal and use each of them for a few days. That should provide you with enough information to help you pick the tool as per your requirements. Go with the best tool and save your time and, yes, become more productive.


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