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LetsView - the Best Free Screen Mirroring App

Sharing your small screen with a big screen is a useful hack not only for entertainment purposes but also for education and work. As a result, there is a growing demand for screen mirroring apps. Now I want to share with you this app that I love using. It is LetsView, which will surely help you with your screen-sharing activities.

How to repair corrupted photo/image files - Stellar Photo Repair review

Finding your photos and videos corrupted in an old or damaged storage disk can be heartbreaking. Images long kept in external storage or even laptop hard drives are suddenly inaccessible due to wear and tear. Let's see how Stellar Photo Repair helps when trying to repair these corrupted image files.

Best Microsoft software for your Business

Whether you are running a small business or a big one, you will find yourself using or in need of one or the other Microsoft tools. Read this article to know about the best Microsoft tools that you can use for your business.

Cloud apps that every business should know about

Choosing the right software applications for your business can be a daunting task. With so many options on the market, it's hard to know which ones are worth your time and money. In this article, we discuss which Cloud Applications will be useful for your business depending on your requirements.

10 Best Time Management Apps and Tools in 2022

If you are in an office or working from home, managing the time for staying productive is one of the toughest tasks. Right from the calendar management to to-do lists, there are several ways that you can go for an enhanced experience in managing your time and efforts. Are you looking for the best time management apps and tools? There are plenty of them and finding the best among them can be a tough choice ever.

What Is a Home Organization App?

Are you tired of the home staying a mess even when you've told your children or spouse to clean up after themselves? Do you wish you could coordinate fun activities with your families like sharing recipes or crafts? Are all of your pertinent documents stuffed in a drawer somewhere collecting dust?

How to build a social networking site - starter's guide

Want to know how to build a social networking site? Then you are at a right place to start with. I have provided all the free tools to set up the social networking site.

Top 10 password managers in 2021

Have you ever been in a situation where you have forgotten your passwords and are forced to reset them frequently? In such a scenario, a password manager is what would help by keeping your passwords safe and easy to fetch.

Review of iMyfone Data Recovery software for iPhone

It may so happen that you may lose data on your iPhone, accidentally. Yes, it is possible on a device that boasts of its rigid OS too - the iPhone. But not to worry, we have for you the iMyPhone iPhone Data Recovery Tool, so you don't have to worry for your lost data anymore.

Top 8 employee Collaboration suites for remote working

Employee Collaboration tools are a must-have tool for organizations of any size. With work from home becoming a big part of the new work culture, it's importance has increased many folds. Know the best cloud collaboration tools that you can use in your company to help your employees give in the best.

7 Tech Tools Your Business Should Be Using

Successful businesses have an important but common link in their path to greatness. It is their capability to keep everything organized and well tracked. Know how technology plays an important role in helping to streamline these processes and which all areas of your businesses should make use of technology to stay up to date.

What Is the Need for Lotus Notes Email Export to EML?

This article reflects the need of Lotus Notes email export to EML process and the "pros and cons" of Lotus Notes email application. It will also highlight necessity solution to perform NSF to EML conversion task.

3 Best Android tools of 2019

The one thing that we all love about Android is its limitless features and the choice to customize it thoroughly. In this article, you will find 3 amazing tools which will make you more productive.

Best internal communication and collaboration applications for Businesses

If you are in a business, communication is one of the most important aspects that would define your productivity. The recent surge in the use of the Internet has been creating huge developments in the realm of business communication. Mobile internet has been one of the newest improvements that have been at the root of the new development.

Home Designing Software: The Features To Look For

Are you looking for a software to help you in home designing? There are plenty available in the app stores, but before you go for one, make sure you get the right one with some basic criteria met in its features. This article contains a list of such features which you should check before you choose one for yourself. Have a look before you shortlist the right app.

Have ebooks lost out to real books? - An anaysis

Ebooks had emerged as the future of reading. The sales figures of the E-Readers sky rocketed in a couple of years and now, the situation seems to have reversed. EBooks appear to be on the decline of late. What could be the reasons for this downfall? We will try analysing it in a little finer details.

Health and Nutrition Apps: How far are they helpful?

Apps Apps Apps! We all are leading our lives through them. Now we can also be healthier with the help of several Health & Nutrition Apps available on App stores. But is it all a bed of roses when we use them? Or we are allowing some unwanted issues creeping down in our lives. Check out how far they are helpful.

Top 10 tools to Increase Office Productivity

This is an article where I try to jot down those essential tools which increase the productivity of any organization by boosting up the morale and encourage their creative acumen. Today, socializing is the mantra of success. So, a social network has to be installed within your office premises as well. That would make the picture perfect within your enterprise. Check out how.

Officevibe review: Rejuvenate your Company Culture

Officevibe is one of the latest gamification solutions launched for enhancing and rejuvenating the work atmosphere at the workplaces. It promises to improve productivity, team spirit, creating a healthy atmosphere encouraging employees to boost up their involvement and commitment to their companies. Check out its features and our review and see if it really delivers up to its promises.

Apache OpenOffice 4.1.1: An alternative to MS Office?

To enhance office performance we all are using some or other Office suite Programs, among which the latest release from Apache OpenOffice is their version 4.1.1. Check it out whether that works out for you as an alternative to MS Office, if you are suffering from Piracy and License issues.

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