Top 10 best books for Indian Tech Entrepreneurs to read

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for the best experience in terms of a powerful and decent book to inspire you? Among a host of best things to keep you motivated, a book should definitely be something you would want to be in possession of if you really want to experience one of the best options for the purpose.

Without much ado, and unnecessary beating around the bush, let us check out a few great and inspiring books that we would recommend. While entrepreneurs are born with a powerful talent, it is always important to check out the best books that should take you ahead and provide you with the much-needed inspiration.

1. Dream With Your Eyes Open

Penned by Ronnie Scewwala, who is an entrepreneur himself, the book explains the route one needs to take to be a successful entrepreneur. The book is recommended by the Lenskart Founder Peyush Bansal.
dream your
The book describes the journey of the author in the entrepreneurial world. You can gain a lot of experience with his two decades of world-class experience as an entrepreneur. In fact, this can be considered to be a book by the entrepreneurs for the entrepreneurs.

2. Go Kiss The World: Life Lessons For The Young Professional

Subroto Bagchi is one of the most popular and prolific authors, and this one is a book that should benefit every person who is looking to achieve something in one's life. It can indeed be one of the prominent rags to riches stories ever.
kiss the world
Subroto explains his own journey from a poverty-stricken early life to an owner of a huge business. The book comprises a good number of life lessons. If you want to be an entrepreneur, this one should be the right book on your shelf.

3. Bhaag!

This is a book about the life stories of 11 self-motivated student entrepreneurs. The stories in this collection are all about the students from different backgrounds. While they may consistently differ in terms of their fields and backgrounds, their success stories should act as quite motivating.
The book talks about the success and failure, ups and downs, and everything else about their life. In case you are trying to find a story that would inspire you and take you on a journey to achieve a huge success in your chosen career, this is what you should want to go with.

4. No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention

Written by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer, the book speaks about the world's most innovative, imaginative, and successful companies. The book also has a lot of interviews with the Netflix employees and a few never before stories about the success story behind Netflix.
no rules
It is one of the excellent options for the fascinating and untold story that should inspire you as a perfect story. It was also listed at the 2020 Financial Times & McKinsey Business Book of the Year.

5. Connect The Dots

You do not really need a management degree to be a successful entrepreneur, which is exactly what this book tries to point out. Authored by Rashmi Bansal, it is yet another curated collection. The book has the life stories and the life lessons of the 20 successful entrepreneurs who have been able to follow an untrodden path and become successful.
connect the dots
And all of them do share a common factor between them -none of them has a professional degree. You can learn that you can simply follow your dreams and become successful. If you are willing to move away from the traditional path, this one is the book for you.

6. Dhirubhai Ambani: Against All Odds

Dhirubhai Ambani is the inspiration personified for almost every entrepreneur out there. Written by A G Krishnamurthy, the book does offer you a very compelling story ever. The powerful and huge rags to riches story through the life of senior Ambani should be what would bring ahead one of the excellent experiences in your career or entrepreneurship.
A compelling story about the middle-class businessman who rose to become the owner of one of the biggest enterprises that India has ever had. It should be one of the best informative books - not only for the entrepreneurs but anyone who is looking to be willing to be successful.

7. Steel King: Lakshmi Mittal

This is a book about yet another entrepreneur and a successful businessman that India has produced. The book is authored by Prateeksha M Tiwary, and it covers the life of one of the most incredible businessmen in India.
lakshmi mittal
Mittal is known as the steel king, and the big dreams, risks, trials, and tribulations that he went on to become one of the excellent options for an enhanced degree of experience. The book does talk a lot about the important and key factors in the life of businessmen.

8. Take Me Home

Take me Home is yet another book in this collection by Rashmi Bansal. The book is named quite in a unique manner, and that can perhaps make it one of the prime options. It should be one of the right choices if you are trying to find how to realize your dreams and passions.
take me home
The book talks a lot about the motivational stories and helps you take your own route in the search for your inspirational journey. The book talks about 20 individuals who decided to tread their own path.

9. Bhujia Barons: The Untold Story of How Haldiram Built a 5000 Crore Empire

This is one of the unique and powerful stories about how Haldiram went on to become a king in the food sector. A brand that took on the might of McDonald's and KFC, Haldirams has been a unique success story ever.
The book talks at length about the lie of the Agrawal family, and the book talks about their life in an encompassing way ever. You will find one of the best Indian ways of handling a business. It has everything that would make a movie - the successes, the courtroom drama, the business expansion, and a secret recipe.

10. The Z Factor: My Journey as the Wrong Man at the Right Time

The Essel / Zee group has been one of the prominent business entities in India. This book is all about Subhash Chandra, the promoter of Essel/ Zee Group. Coming from a small town in Haryana, he has always been a clear leader in terms of achieving a huge success by aiming to be high and breaking into businesses where he is considered to be an outsider.
z factor
The book talks at length about how Chandra went on to become a success story with his gut instinct. He was instrumental in starting up the first private channel in India. He always chased his dreams and has been a huge inspiration for the world at large.

The Final Wrap Up

That isn't a comprehensive guide or curated list, but this one should help you get a glimpse into how you can achieve success if you have the right vision and determination. The right type of book on your shelf should act as one of the prominent options for practically all the expectations that you may have.

Check out those books and moe on your dream to become one of the best entrepreneurs to take India ahead!


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