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Windows 8 books are just coming up, so you may not find much information on Windows 8 Books. However, you can get lot of details and reviews on various other books.

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Top 5 Tech Books for techies

Check out this list of technology books to stay updated about the latest advancements and trends worldwide. This is even more important if you are a programmer, software developer, engineering student or anyone associated with the ever-evolving world of technology.

3 Must-Read Books for Tech Entrepreneurs

Stumped about what to read? If you are a tech entrepreneur who idolizes Elon Musk, Satya Nadella or Jack Ma, you will love the below list of books. Read this article to know about the books which can help you learn and develop entrepreneurial skills.

Master Your Finances: 6 Must-Read Books on Money Management

Understanding how to spend and manage money wisely in today's complex financial environment is essential for reaching financial security and independence. In this article, we will discuss six highly recommended books that cover a wide range of financial topics and offer practical advice for managing your money effectively.

Top 10 best books for Indian Tech Entrepreneurs to read

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for the best experience in terms of a powerful and decent book to inspire you? Among a host of best things to keep you motivated, a book should definitely be something you would want to be in possession of if you really want to experience one of the best options for the purpose.

How Blockchain Applications Transform the Sports Industry

In a typical nutshell blockchain is a collection of decentralized databases which are synced and spread across several devices. Every action taken over the network gets updated digitally and all the users are updated with high levels of transparency. While there is no sole owner of the database, which implies that everything is transparent and no changes can be done without the consent of the other people in the network.

Monitoring the Challenges Arising in DevOps

The main agenda to adopt DevOps is to bridge the gap existing in between the operations and development teams. Critical challenges arise when the organization shows the anxiety to implement DevOps at an earlier stage, emphasizing more on technology than on people and the process.

EPractize Labs Training Lab (Software Book) Review

I was really impressed with EPractize Labs Training Lab simulator while I was preparing for my OCPJP 7. So in this article I have written a short review about Training Lab Simulator. I hope that it will help the people who are searching for the best self study guide for their Java Certification Exam Preparation.

Top biographies available at Amazon

Are you looking for some good biographies. Read this article to know about top bestsellers biographies available at Amazon with cool discount and free delivery.

Programming Windows 8 Applications with C# by Matthew Baxter-Reynolds

If you are looking for book which will help you in learning how to build Windows 8 Apps then this could be a book for you- Programming Windows 8 Applications with C#. Programming Windows 8 Applications with C# by Matthew Baxter-Reynolds is a perfect book for learning how to build Windows 8 Apps.

A sum-up on the upcoming Windows 8 book “Mastering Windows 8”

Would you like to get over the upcoming Windows 8 OS expected to be launched by the Microsoft sooner? Here is the opportunity to master the state-of-the-art technology from the Windows 8 books pre-ordering the title, “Mastering Windows 8” carting through on which this write-up explores.

Windows 8 Metro Apps with HTML 5 and JavaScript book from Stephen Walther

In this article, you will find Windows 8 Metro Apps with HTML 5 and JavaScript book for easy guidance. Windows 8 OS built using Windows 8 Metro Apps with HTML 5 and JavaScript technology. Web developers guideline on JavaScript and HTML, Author clearly guiding from this book about new JavaScript technology uses for Windows 8 built which includes JavaScript templates, controls, data binding, and the entire new Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS). ASP.NET unleashes the top-selling ASP.NET book.

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