Top 6 Custom Software Development Companies in India

Searching for custom software development services in India? Development of custom software is always the best alternative to go for. This article will help you to find Top 6 Custom Software Development Companies in India where you find the best custom software developments services.

Over the last few weeks, our experts assessed the top 5 custom software development companies in India of which most of them also constituted angular js development companies in India. Our assessment was based on parameters such as reliability, industry experience, clientele, past work, volume-handling capacity, developmental capacity and personnel expertise. And we came up with the following list of custom software development companies in India:

Top 6 Custom Software Development Companies in India

1.Vofox Solutions
2.Synapse India
3.Newgen Software Technologies Limited
5.Sun Dew Solutions
6.FATbit Technologies

Vofox Solutions

Our clear champion among all the custom software development company in India that we reviewed is Vofox Solutions. Although it is comparatively new in the industry, when it comes to its rivals, the factors that it excelled at were client satisfaction, developmental abilities, timely delivery and the verticals that they have served. Currently, they have offices in the US and India. From the Indian office at Kochi, Vofox has been catering to the specific needs of clients from all over the Asia-Pacific, while the US office is mainly for clients from the US and Canada. Although expansion is one of their major concerns at the moment, they are going for the bigger fish, which is the expansion of expertise in the form of working on projects across a wide array of industries.

Vofox is one of the best offshore software development companies in India they have the most talented and experienced developers who push in a good number of hours each day under the able leadership of industry experts. When it comes to being the number one custom software development company in India, Vofox's main strength is Angular JS development, a segment of custom development in which they have developed an expertise over the years that gives Vofox a clear edge over its current rivals. Vofox Solutions, per our assessment, has the ability to deliver the most complex of deliverables on time without affecting any parallel / ongoing projects. Clearly the best in India, Vofox has a reputation for employee satisfaction almost as good as client satisfaction which means that as a client, you won't be a part of virtual slavery that's almost persistent in countries like Japan.

Synapse India

With a little over 300 employees, Synapse India has a major industrial presence in India as well as abroad. The company serves a clientele that spans the US, UK, other parts of Europe and the Asia-Pacific. The strength of this company is its experience of about 10,000 projects by far, in less than 20 years. It has major partnerships and arrangements with the likes of Google and Shopify and has created a name for itself in the custom software development industry in India. And despite the voluminous workload, the company has barely left any client unsatisfied over the years.

Newgen Software Technologies Limited

This company has been in the custom software industry for almost 25 years and has operated in across 60 countries spanning all continents. Unlike several of its rivals, it hasn't restricted its focus on clients from just the most favorite economies such as the US and the UK, but has been spreading its operation to the less explored territories such as Cyprus, Kenya and similar jurisdictions. It has laid a special focus on entities in the banking and finance sector.


Although when compared with its giant rivals, OpenXcell has an online presence of less than a decade, it has expanded with over 200 employees and with over 500 clients worldwide which include the likes of Google, Kotak, Motorola and Unilever. OpenXcell has been outsourcing and developing IT solutions for several years now and is spearheading it towards expanding its business across the world. It has its office in India in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

SunDew Solutions

The reason why this name features in our list, despite being much smaller in comparison with the other names that feature in this list, is its efficiency and client satisfaction scores. Over the years, it has delivered something close to 700 projects, not a very big number when compared to what the other rivals have accomplished. But they have delivered precise features, catering to a wide array of requirements while serving various business verticals. From what is apparent, their sole focus at the moment is the development of expertise before the end of their 15th year in their industry which enables them to cater to the needs of clients hailing from any segment of the business world.

Seasia Infotech

Established in 2000, Seasia is a CMMI Level 5 company that holds expertise in catering to the growing digital needs of wide business segments, from startups to well-established enterprises. People around the globe rely on their exclusive services for iOS, Android, hybrid, and cross-platform applications backed by a dexterous team of experts who have a stronghold over mobile app development skills. To date, they have delivered over 3000 projects worldwide and established a strong customer base globally.

FATbit Technologies

A top custom software development company FATbit Technologies stands apart for its analysis-driven, affordable solutions. Implementing Agile practices the company engineers iterative and incremental deliverables that powers innovative digitization for its clients.

FATbit has proven eCommerce expertise and offers contemporary eCommerce solutions and services. It is also a top mobile app development company for both Android and iOS devices. Additionally, FATbit provides MVP and custom CMS development services, and professional IT consultation services.

Established in 2004, the company has delivered customer-centric solutions for a global clientele, receiving an excellent rating on Clutch(4.9/5), DesignRush(4.9/5), and other websites of authority. Moreover, the company has been featured in top business publications such as INC., Forbes, The Daily Telegraph, and others.

With all that said, if you're looking to hire a custom software development company in India or an Angular JS development company in India, go ahead and call up your favorite.

If it's Vofox Solutions, you need to dial up +91-484-4049006 or reach them at their cell phone at 9961886996.

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