LG G4 Hands-on Review

The new LG G4 has features that will set you on to visit your local retailer and try it out should you come across them. With a display resolution of 1.5 times that of the Full HD and with a primary camera of 16 MP, I suppose you want to read what I have for you.

If you honestly ask me, I can't remember the names of all the brands that manufacture Android smartphones today. Fact is they are numberless. Understanding the fact that manufacturing Android smartphone is not too difficult, all brands that manufactured any kind of electronic device got into the market of Android smartphones. Perhaps LG is one such brand. But another fact is, at least in my eyes, the brand hasn't been doing great in the smartphone segment lately. But it seems, it has plans to do so now. Looking at the latest smartphone by LG, the G4 it seems LG is taking the business seriously now.

So without much ado, let me straightaway come to describe the feature set of this phone:

Features of LG G4 smartphone


Even before we come to the part where I discuss about the display and the camera of the product, let me first of all give you a glimpse of the packaging of this product. If you have ever been to iMagine, Apple's store where you purchase authentic products, you would have seen the kind of packaging Apple gives - simple and neat. The way LG packs the G4 is similar to that of the iPhone. This is what you can see at the first glance at the packaging of the G4. Here is a picture of the review unit of the G4 with the box it came in to me.


As you can see, the way of packaging is similar to the iPhone, as I said earlier. The white covering goes above the red box (or whatever you like to call it). The phone is neatly placed on the red box and below the hood is located the charger, the earphone among other things like the user manual and so on. Looks neat, right?

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Right now, as I write this review, I am holding the phone in my hand. Here, I give you the view to its rear side.
As you can see, the rear side of the phone has a leathery finish to it, which looks beautiful after looking at OnePlus's rugged rear surface. The orangey feel to it is another factor which will have your eyes glued to it as you hold the phone and talk with your beloved. Like it already?

Display of the LG G4

And now, let me show you the front display.
The G4 truly has a brilliant display. Perhaps it will come as an ego booster to the Android fanboys when they learn that the screen resolution of this phone is higher than that of the iPhone 6 plus even. The latter has a Full HD display, packs basically a 1920 x 1080 pixels. However, the G4 has a stunning resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. Fact is that the number of pixels on this phone, if you count horizontally is equal to that of the MacPro by Apple. I am constantly trying to make out for the pixels on this product but I am unable to. I have in fact completely strained my eyes, but I can't make out the individual pixels. This doesn't come to me as a surprise. All credit goes to the stunning 538 ppi pixel density that LG has packed into this phone. No doubt that the phone supports brilliant multitouch and 16 million colors. Talking about the screen, I must say that the quality of the screen of this phone reminds me, if not of the iPhone, definitely of Sony's Xperia series. The G4 has got Corning Gorilla Glass 3, just what it needed.


The G4 operates on the Android OS, version 5.1 (the Lollipop). To take care of the processing, the GPU and the CPU, LG has endowed this product with Qualcomm MSM8892 Snapdragon 808 Chipset, Adreno 418 and a Quad-core processor. Frankly speaking, I tried running some hardcore action games as well as a few leisure games, some applications that require both quality GPU and processing and well, to date, it hasn't given me glitches.


Now this is where this phone has got me hooked to it. And if I am not wrong, perhaps the G4 is showcasing the highest possible storage space a phone has packed, till date. With a brilliant 32 GB of internal storage, this device also supports microSD cards, up to a good 128 GB. That means that in total, you can pack as much as 160 GBs of songs, movies, apps and what not on this device. It is things like these perhaps that are going to steal some attention from the non-Apple user – base. Also, talking about RAM, 3 GBs I suppose is doing a great job for this device.

Camera Quality of LG G4

The camera on this phone is another such element that will make you have the hots for it. The primary camera on this device is a 16 MP camera. Its best output would be a picture of 5312 cross 2988 pixels. That's huge, isn't it. To show you the picture quality of this phone, I am attaching here under a few pictures that I clicked on this phone for the sole purpose of testing it and doing justice to this review. The laser autofocus works just fine. Another noteworthy feature in this phone is the optical image stabilization. Apart from that, this phone is one of those rare ones that can capture 4K videos. No I did not make any mistake while tapping on the keys of my fragile keyboard. It captures 4K videos at 30FPS. It also captures 1080p videos at a higher frame-rate of 60FPS. Apart from that you find the optical video stabilization feature on this device and it will also record some stereo sound for your videos while it keeps the camera busy in shooting for you.

Now, here are a few sample pictures I clicked with the G4. I am posting them here so you get a fair idea of the quality of the pictures it can take, which in my view is absolutely brilliant.
Photo taken with LG G4
Photo taken with LG G4
Remote Photo taken with LG G4
Photo taken with LG G4
As you can see, the clarity, sharpness, brightness and the contrast are all perfect in the pictures. I don't know about the iPhone users, but to me, all of it seems splendid. And I hope the same for you. Among all the Android phones by far, I suppose these are some of the best pictures I have ever seen (considering only the quality of the pictures).


For the reason that there hasn't been any huge innovation in the recent past when it comes to mobile communication facilities, LG has tried and succeeded in packing every goddamn thing into this phone, be it the regular WiFi or the Bluetooth version 4.1 or be it the NFC and the rather obsolete Infrared port. It supports microUSB version 2.0 (SlimPort 4K).


One of the biggest drawbacks that have always kept Android users bugged is the battery life on their units. And to provide for the way Android devices consume the juice, LG has also shoved into the G4 a 3000 mAh lithium ion battery that keeps the phone going for about the entire day in normal usage.


For the price that it comes at, LG G4 is no doubt a wise bet to play. Of course, with rivals like the S6 and the new OnePlus phones in the market, LG will have a tough competition but nonetheless, it also plans to give a tough one back. Thanks to the marketing team of LG, I got my hands on a review unit of this phone that enabled me to pen down for you this review. I used the phone for more than a couple of days and I suppose I had a nice time experiencing the gadget. Everything this device has got packed works fine and impressed me. Now if you're going to compare the phone with the iPhone 6 plus (which I suppose is the ultimate standard today) you might come across a few fine points where the LG G4 might not stand strong against the 6 plus but then for the price difference between the two gadgets, I think I will give the G4 a 4.5/5, considering it's an Android phone we're talking here. It would be a strong suggestion from my side to all Android users out there to go out and give it a shot at their nearby retail outlet. It has got it for you, trust me.

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