How to buy a Television: Complete TV buying guide

Are you looking to buy a new television? Are you confused which TV you should buy? Then here is a great article which will guide you to buy a new television that will meet your requirements.

Today choosing the right television is a stressful job. As various manufacturers release their products with varying features and as technology develops each day, we can find a variety of TVs in the market. For choosing the perfect TV, you need right amount of knowledge about various features of a television. Before buying a TV, you need to make sure that you have your requirements met at every point such as screen size, TV brand, display type, add-ons, extra features, technology behind it etc.

Read this guide to find out all the answers to your questions on buying new television. Also we will guide you to find yourself a perfect TV that meets all you needs. So let us start the guide.

Buying guide for television

Know your budget

What is your budget range? Before buying any good, it is important for one to know his budget. While buying a new television, you will need to understand what your budget is, as this will determine the type of TV you could buy. Only according to the budget you can go forward to choose a TV that perfectly matches your requirements. There are wide range of television to choose from. The price vary according to various factors such as the brand value, screen size, display type etc. LED TVs are more expensive compared to the standard LCD TVs. Whereas purchasing OLED TVs needs more higher budget. Likewise you can ever opt for Smart TVs or 3D TVs if your budget is much higher.

What screen size do you prefer

Screen size of a television depends on how much space you have in your home dedicated for a TV. It also depends on where you are planning to place your television. For placing the TV in a small living space such as bed room, I would suggest to go for 19 to 26 inch TVs measuring diagonally. Whereas for placing it around the main living area, 32 to 46 inches will be great. And if you have a larger area dedicated for your new TV, anything above 48 inches will help you enjoy a full home cinema experience.

Type of display/screen

The next field that you must check for is the display or type of TV you are looking for. There are many types of TVs you can choose from. Sometime it may even cause you headache choosing your TV from LCD, LED, Plasma etc. Even though their final outputs are same, behind each of these technologies there are its own merits and demerits. Let's talk about each of categories and it will help you choose LCD or LED or Plasma TV.

As you all know about LCD TV. It stands for liquid crystal display television. Although they are common type of TVs out there, they are much beneficial than the old CRTs. LCDs are compact in its size having very less thickness and needs very less space. But compared to that of LED technology, this TV consumes more power and are comparatively less efficient in delivering vivid colors. However they come in very cheap price than LED TVs. So if your budget is too small, going for a LED TV is more recommended.

LED TVs are not much different from LCD, other than having LED backlights behind a typical LCD panel. But LED TVs are more better than LCD TVs in many ways. It produces vivid colors at incredible clarity using hundreds of LED lights. Its ultra slim design saves space and even adds more stylish as well as premium look. Moreover it is energy efficient, consuming very less power for its working. If your room is extremely bright, then LED TVs are more recommended for you as it can produce brighter output.

3. Plasma TV
Plasma TV
Plasma TVs are not popular as LCD or LED TVs, but it still has got enough impressive features for considering in your buying list. With fast moving images, Plasma TVs are a greater choice for watching sports and action movies and they even deliver better picture quality. In terms of lifespan, going for Plasma TVs will be more wiser. It has even got much higher contrast and color accuracy than LCD or LED TV. But Plasma TVs has its own unique weaknesses that you need to know. As it has greater contrast, it can't be used in brighter rooms like the LED TVs. In addition to that it looks more chunkier than an LED TV. Moreover, Plasma TV provides very less range of screen size diagonally measuring 42 to 65 inches only. For any screen size more or less than this range, you should go back to LED TV.

OLED stands for organic light emitting diode which possess extremely thin screens that are even flexible. The thickness of OLED TVs can be reduced up to very thin as 4.3 mm. The technology behind OLED is the electro luminescent film on which electric current is passed through. OLED TVs are far better than other TVs in terms of contrast and color reproduction. OLED TVs are considered to be the best among TVs with latest technology that helps the TV become more lighter, thinner as well as efficient.

Picture quality and Resolution of TV

Next important thing to consider is the picture quality of the TV. How clear your picture on the screen is determined by the resolution of TV. Picture quality increases as its resolution increases. If you are a person who needs more definition to the pictures that you are seeing in the TV, then you must need to choose your TV according to the varying Resolutions.

1. HD and Full HD
HD TVs gives a resolution of 720p that has over 0.9 million pixels. In addition, they allow you to enjoy the channels that comes in high definition. On the other hand those TVs that has full HD or 1080p resolution, provides you even more clearer and sharper picture. Full HD TVs has over 2.1 million pixels by which you can enjoy truthful HD picture quality from your gaming console or Blu Ray player.

2. Ultra HD or 4k
If you are a tech enthusiastic, then you might have heard about 4k Ultra HD technology. Now these days you can see TVs with 4k video resolution. Basically 4k or Ultra HD means, it can deliver you a very high resolution which is 4 times more than what a standard 1080p resolution offers. If the full HD 1080p resolution is just not enough for you, then you might want to try the 4k Ultra HD TVs. It provides about 8 million pixels which will definitely blow your minds off. These are the sharpest and most vibrant picture that has been released yet.

High-end TVs

Apart from the type of TVs mentioned earlier, there are also various other TVs that have way more features to offer.

1. Smart TV
Smart TV
Technologies are developing day by day. Now you can turn your TV into a collection of devices that you use in your daily basis. A smart TV could perform many things that you do on your computers or smartphones. It could deliver a wide range of online services including web browser, social networks and much more. A smart TV can be connected to internet by various connectivity options such as Ethernet port, WiFi, etc.

2. 3D TV
3D TVs are considered to be the most fascinating device to have on your home. This type of TV could bring the picture into the room with you. But here you may choose between 'passive' 3D TV or 'Active' 3D TV. The difference between them is the quality that it provides. 'Passive' 3D TVs are ordinary 3D TV and requires inexpensive glasses. Whereas the active technology in 3D TV brings communication between you battery powered 3D glasses and the 3D TV. This will deliver more clarity with full HD 3D pictures and will bring you awesome experience.

The Verdict

Now I believe you got complete assistance for buying your perfect television. Now you can easily choose the TV that meets all your needs without getting frustrated. If you are still confused about buying new TV, then let me just conclude this guide by pointing out which TV you should be buying in 2014. If you are with medium budget, then I would recommend you to go for LED TVs, they are more slim sleek and stylish with premium finish. But you can get a Plasma TV and enjoy its brilliant features by adding a little more money to your budget. However for those who can afford higher amount of money for new TV, I would suggest them to go for 4k Ultra HD TV. Also they can add Smart TV, OLED TV and 3D TV to their wish list. Anyway your ultimate aim must be to bring what you expect, and also try to make sure all your requirements are satisfied before buying yourself a new TV.

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