Top ten browser extensions to increase your productivity

In this article I will explain some of the best browser extensions that can be used to increase your productivity. These browser extensions have some features that can be used simply many tasks that we perform while using internet.

While browsing internet we do many tasks very often like copying some text, bookmarking the website, finding some very specific information etc. We have to use some steps, though very but these steps definitely takes some time. So in this article we will discuss the browser extensions that will do your tasks with just one or two clicks. In this article we will not focus on extensions which are available for some specific browsers but we will only focus on some extensions which are available for most of browsers and which can simplify your daily tasks.

  1. BugMeNot:

  2. BugMenot is very effective way to protect your email sharing unknown or unauthorized websites. Whenever you are surfing the net you might come across the sites which demands your email address to enter the website. In such case you might want to avoid your email address but you want to explore the site. BugMeNot comes in to the play at this stage. It is one of the best way to avoid unnecessary registrations and spam emails in your inbox. The extension is available for Firefox only but you can use it's bookmarklet to use this service along with browsers like Chrome and Safari. BugMeNot is also available for Firefox and Opera as the extension.

  3. AutoCopy:

  4. It is the best extension for those who copies information on the web often. For this task you have to select the text, you have to first press ctrl+c and then you have to press ctrl+v. Well you can avoid all these steps using the AutoCopy extension. If you have this extension then you are required to only select the text that you want to copy and AutoCopy will automatically copies the selected text to clipboard. This extensions is currently available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

  5. Lazarus:

  6. This is the best extension ever to avoid many annoying situations. You might have faced the conditions such that you are typing something your internet browser and it crashes suddenly and automatically. Or you in middle of writing something and you lost your data due to automatic sign out function on website. In this situation it is the best option to get your data back. If you have installed Lazarus on your browser then it will automatically copy and save everything that you type in your browser, so that you can recover your data instantly. This extension is available for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

  7. LastPass password manager:

  8. It is one of the best password management tool. You can use the browser extension of LastPass to manage your all the passwords. If you have installed this extension in your browser then it will save all the passwords along with other information like security keys, credit card numbers and addresses you are typing in the browser. The LastPass will synchronize this data to your browser whenever you log in into your LastPass account. the extension is available for all the web browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

  9. AdBlockPlus:

  10. If you are using slow internet connection or if you merely wants to improve the performance of your browser surfing speed then this extension called AdBlockPlus will prove beneficial for sure. This extension is available for the most widely used web browsers like Safari, Chrome Firefox etc. The main job of this extensions is that automatically blocks loading of all the advertisements thus it reduces the data to be transferred to your browser. You will experience the very good improvement in your browsing speed. this browser extension has also helped me a lot to improve my browsing speed with my slow internet connection.

  11. FlashBlock:

  12. FlashBlock is another handy extensions that is available for all the web browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The main task of this extension is that it blocks all the Flash content on you browser and definitely increases your speed of browsing the internet. As well as the extension will extensively help you to improve the battery performance of your Laptop, as it consumes much battery.

  13. Awesome Screenshot:

  14. This browser extensions is designed to help in the situations where you are required to take extensive screenshots of your browser display window. You can exclusively choose the part of your browser window to take screenshot and you can save it in any one of image format to reference it later or ot share the screenshot with your friends. This extensions is also available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

  15. Google Translate:

  16. This is extension which automatically connects you the Google's online translation service Whenever you are required to translate the web page just click on the extension and fill information about language in which you wanted to translate the page. In Chrome you will find it as built in feature so there is no requirement of extension for Chrome. But this extension can be definitely used with other browser like Safari, Firefox and Opera, where you do not find any built-in service for Google translator.

  17. TabCloud:

  18. TabCloud is the best way to manage all your tabs. You can manage all the tabs from one PC or from multiple PCs with the use of this extensive browser extension. TabCloud will definitely help you to increase your productivity if you are fond of working with multiple tabs in your browser window. TabCloud is available for Chrome and Firefox currently. The extensions for Safari and Opera will be released soon as per their blog.

  19. Checker Plus for Gmail:

  20. If Gmail is the primary email service you are using then it is must have extension for you. This extension allows you to read the new emails, compose the emails and to delete the unwanted emails from your Gmail, without even opening the Gmail service in your browser. This extension has proved very beneficial for as I use Gmail as my primary email service and it avoids many hassles for me.

These are some of the browser extensions which can increase your productivity definitely. All these extensions are free to use. Also most of these extensions are available for widely used web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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