Top password manager tools to protect all your passwords

In this article I will explain top ten password manager tools. In this article I have included all types of password manager tools which can be used to protect and store all of your passwords at one place securely.

In this digital world we are required to have passwords for almost everything. We have passwords for Credit Cards, ATM cards, for online banking accounts and also for logging in on our every online account like email, social and professional networking sites etc. For security purpose and vulnerabilities to passwords we often use string combinations of letters, numbers and special characters which are very difficult to remember. Also we cannot use the same password everywhere again due to security purposes. So it is tedious job keep these passwords all at once safely. Here the tools called password manager tools come in to play. Using these special tools we can store all of our passwords securely at one place by protecting with our special password. Once you start using password manager tool you only need to remember one password, which will be to all of your passwords. So lets see the top ten password managing tools:

  1. LastPass

  2. We will start our discussion with one of most used password manager tool due to its unique features. The most important features of LastPass are:It has both version free as well as paid versions. The paid version is called as LastPass Premium. Another best feature of LastPass is that it stores all of your passwords on a much secured cloud in encrypted format. If you can spend some money to keep your passwords more safe and to if you want to use some advanced features then you can purchase LastPass Premium version for $12 per year.

  3. Kaspersky Password Manager

  4. One of the giant security providers Kaspersky also provide its own password manager tool called as Kaspersky Password Manager. It can automatically capture all the information entered by in online forms of various types along with passwords and log in IDs. Then it can automatically fill up forms by using information which we have used to fill up the previous forms. The another feature provided by specially Kaspersky password manager is that it can be easily integrated in every browser and can work in tandem with browser as browser add-on.

  5. DashLane

  6. This is latest addition in category of password managing tools. The most important about this password manager tool is that it is completely free and yet secure, convenient to use tool. Its easy to use user interface can be used efficiently by beginners also. Ability to streamline online purchasing and savings passwords during your online purchasing activities are important and unique features provided by this tool.

  7. Password Agent

  8. Password Agent is not available for free and you have to pay $24.95 to get the complete version of Password Agent. It has powerful encryption methods which ensure the full security of your password protected data. Some features of Password Agent include import/export facility, Templates search tools, support for various categories and custom fields etc. The automatic back up feature is also useful and makes it noticeable in this category. But one difficulty you might face is that it is not compatible with all browsers. So you have to keep in mind the browsers supported by Password Agent and your default browser before investing some money on it.

  9. DataVault

  10. DataVault is product from Ascendo which is yet another powerful password manager tool that comes with variety of features at modest price. The price of DataVaukt is $9.99 which is far less than other products from its competitors. DataVault is compatible with Internet explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers as well as with major mobile and tablet platforms like iOS and Android. It also provides synchronization between all supported platforms. Your personal information can be stored in variety of manner and you can customize your passwords and other information under various categories.

  11. TK 8 Safe pro

  12. With TK 8 Safe pro you can choose variety of encryption methods to store your passwords. The various options range from 128 bit to 448 bit encryption types which include TwoFish, Blowfish, AES, DES and are best options to store your important information like login information for various services along with passwords, credit card information, Custom fields and various PINs. But it is the most expensive tool with price $29.95. Another disadvantage of this TK 8 Safe pro is that it does not its version for mobile devices.

  13. Password Genie

  14. Here is another option available for half the price of TK 8. You can purchase Password Genie for $15 and it is also one of the most used password manager tool with support for all the major platforms and browsers. You can store your personal data as in other password managing tools with an added advantage that it can store information from sites where its competitors may fail at times. It also provide all the features provided by other tools like automatic saving and filling web forms for you.

  15. RoboFrom

  16. RoboFrom has two versions to use it efficiently with variety of options. Its version RoboFrom everywhere can be used to install as many PCs as you want with sophisticated synchronization options with price of $19.95.The version named as RoboForm desktop can be used with desktops with all the platforms like Windows, Linux and also on Mac. The main difference between these two is that RoboFrom Everywhere can be used in multiple desktops and RoboForm Desktop is for single desktop use. It has all the features like automatic form filling, saving of passwords and loign info for various types of Credit card, online shopping sites and various PINs.

  17. Norton Identity Safe

  18. Norton Identity Safe is product from Norton Security providers and it is one of the best password management tools. It doesn't come along with any Norton Security product but it is standalone product and is free of cost.

  19. MYLOK personal

  20. If you do not want to store passwords online on cloud it is the right product for you. Yes MYLOK personal stores all the information on your own computer it uses on-board crypto chip to encrypt your personal passwords and stores it on smart card. You can use this password manager tool on various desktops with support for many platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac. The disadvantages of this tools are its price which is $89.95 and its master password is only four digit number which is vulnerable to various threats. It comes with 4GB USB flash drive. The advantage is that you are not required to install any local software on your PC or laptop. It can be used as USB drive to retrieve your passwords on any computer you want.

  21. mSecure Password Manager

  22. mSecure Password manager creates and stores your passwords as database. At the price of $19.95 it is not worth tool to try but still it has its own advantages. It doesn't provide the option to automatic capture of information and password so you have to manually enter all the passwords in it.

With these tools you can store your various types of personal information like Credit Card information, login information, PINs and passwords securely. Most of these tools provide option of automatic form filling which helps to get rid of remembering various passwords and login information.

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