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What do you need to start your website

In this chapter, you will learn the fundamental of starting your own website and what you need to start your own website.

The basic requirements to start your own website are:

1. A domain name, like www.Yahoo.com, which will become your web site address.

2. A web hosting service, where you can host your website so that it can be served over the website.

3. Your web site, which include the web page that you like to use.

Domain name registration

As a first step to start a web site, you need to register a domain name. A domain name is your unique address in the internet. Some examples of domain name are:


If a domain name is already chosen by someone else, you cannot choose that name.

Domain registrations are usually valid for a year and it can be renewed or extended for multiple years. After your domain registration expires, you will have the opportunity to renew it.

Web hosting

Even though you can use your desktop computer as a web server to serve web pages, it is practically difficult for many reasons. In another chapter, we will cover why you cannot use your home PC as a web server.

The best option is to pay and use a web hosting service to host your website. There are several types of web hosting services available which include free services as well as paid services.

Your web site

You need a web site, which is a set of html pages that can be served by the web server when people type the address of your website address in their browser's address bar.

You can get web pages several different ways:

1. Use a web design company and develop a set of web pages for you. You will have to pay the web development fees according to the quality, content and design of the website.

2. Purchase a packaged, customizable website. There are many free customizable websites like Wordpress, which you can download and install on your server.

3. Use a free blogging service Blogger, Wordpress etc where you can create your own web pages and host there. If you use a free blogging service, you may not need to pay for web hosting service, which I will explain later in another chapter.

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