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Submit your site to Search Engines

In this chapter, you will learn importance of submitting websites to various online directories and search engines. Find out how to submit to popular search engines like Google and Bing.

When I add a new page to a website, how will search engines know about it?

Typically, if there is a link to your page from another page which is already found by search engines, then they would follow those links and find your new page.

If you are a beginner, you can spend sometime and report each page to Google and Bing directly and no need to wait until they find you.

To submit your new page to Google search engine, go to this page:

To submit your new page to Bing search engine, go to this page:
(Look at the bottom of the page to see option to submit individual URLs to Bing.com)

If your new content is on a popular website or blog, there is no need to submit individual new pages to search engines. Rather, search engines would find them from the other pages of the famous website/blog.

If you submit URLs to search engines, will they get indexed by search engines quickly?

If you submit URLs of your webpages to search engines, all that will happen is, they will add it to their "TODO" list to index them. There is no guarantee that it will be indexed and no one knows when they will be indexed.

Each search engine has its own rules to determine when to crawl a web page, when to index and when to show it in search results.

Submitting a URL would speed up the first step a little bit (crawling of the website), but indexing and showing in search results depend on a lot of other factors.

Still it is worth submitting your pages to search engines. There is nothing to lose but you could speed up the crawling and indexing of your webpage by submitting the URLs.

Use sitemaps to submit sites to search engines

Using sitemaps is one of the most efficient ways to submit large number of urls to search engines. Sitemaps are nothing but an xml file in a standard format that include all urls from your website. I will talk in detail about submitting sitemaps in another chapter.

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