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Xiaomi RedMi 2 Prime and RedMi 2 - A comparison

Xiaomi has launched RedMi 2 Prime over the last week. Priced a bit higher than the original RedMi 2, phone is being planned as an upgrade to the older device. Does it really carry the qualities to be called a real upgrade? Let us analyse the two devices and find out here in this article.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 arrives- What's inside it?

Xiaomi seems to be on the march to capture a significant share of Indian smartphone market. It has been launching device after device providing high end specifications at an affordable price tag. It has recently released an upgrade to its Redmi 1S- in the form of Redmi 2. What does this new entrant has on offer? Let us dig out a few facts and feedback about the new offering from Xiaomi.

Best Affordable Android smartphone under Rs. 10,000 in 2015

Getting a feature rich smartphone under Rs. 10,000 is not any herculean task these days. In fact, the sub 10k price band has many choices than before. A huge number of the manufacturers are targeting this price bracket. Let us find the best options in this price range and analyse them.
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