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Dead Rising 3 Review: Zombie Slasher

How does this launch title of Xbox One fares in terms of gameplay and narrative? Is it anything beyond zombie-stomping? Let's find out in this review.

Xbox One revealed: history, release date, news, review, features, specs, price and availability

Are you looking for information about the news of Microsoft Xbox One? Microsoft Xbox One will be one of the most sought device after its release by the end of the year. Millions of people in the world will be looking for the latest information and news of Microsoft Xbox One. Read this article to know about the history of Xbox, release date, news, review, features, specs, price and availability of Microsoft Xbox One.

Top 10 cheap and best Xbox 360 games

Looking for the best Xbox 360 games at affordable price range? Well, you are in the right place. Let's did in deep and find out some games that give you best bang for their buck.

How to play Deadpool game- review, tips and gameplay

Directly from the Marvel list of super heroes, here is Deadpool, a burnt guy, wearing a full body suit and ready to take on the bad guys right on your PC, Xbox or PS3. Know the features of this game, read the review and know what to expect in this game.

Top 10 Xbox 360 Games to Play in 2013

See our list of top 10 Xbox360 games and select the right game for yourself. Know the features of these games and know what makes them one of the best games.
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