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WordPress for Android App Review

WordPress is a leading content management system on the web. It's obvious that the demand for this web based software has resulted in creation of an App for mobile platforms. The App is currently available in Google App Store and iTunes app store. This App is good for travelers and bloggers who wish to update their content using their Android device. In this article, we are going to review some of the features of WordPress for Android App.

How to install Whatsapp sharing plugin on Wordpress sites?

Looking for tips to add Whatsapp sharing button on Wordpress site using iOS platform? Want to get more traffic to your Wordpress blog through Whatsapp social sharing plugin? Can Whatsapp plugin prove to be more popular than others like Facebook plugin, Twitter plugin, etc.? Please read further to know about tricks to install Whatsapp sharing plugin on Wordpress website. Here, you can check out how this Mobile ShareBar Whatsapp plugin will help draw more traffic to mobile version of Wordpress websites.

Best Wordpress Plugins to protect from AdSense click bombing

Click bombing is common all over the world. It is being reported that Click bombers are targeting mostly Asian bloggers. If you facing click bombing on your Wordpress blog, plug-ins will help you in preventing it. Go through this article and get known of some of the best Wordpress Plugins to protect from click bombing, their usage and how to install and much more.

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