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WordPress often referred as WP is a Blogging platform and content management system. It’s free and open source. Anyone can use and contribute to WordPress.

WordPress; WP is popular blogging platform and content management system written in PHP. It's free and open source tool; any can use WordPress or contribute towards development of it. Working with WordPress does not require coding skills. The simple to do user interface makes best choice for complete novice even. The Free WordPress Plugins and Free Customizable Themes make it suitable Content Management System (CMS) for any type of business or personal needs. As of now, WordPress powers more than 60 million websites and blogs world over

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WordPress wins the best CMS award

Here is a good news for the WordPress users: WordPress has been selected for the Members Choice Award from CodeProject as the best CMS solution for content management. Learn more about the best Content Management System award for WordPress.

Top 10 must have plugins for Wordpress website

If you are using a Wordpress website or planning to create a Wordpress website, then this article may be useful for you. Here we have discussed a list of top ten essential plugins which makes your wordpress website better.

How to integrate Wordpress onto an existing website?

By installing and integrating Wordpress onto your existing website, you can display your blog content and/or the blog feed in a specific section of the site. Please note that a good knowledge of HTML, CSS and a basic knowledge of PHP is essential to understand this article.

WordPress Codex and basic functions to customize your blog

It is always a good idea to customize your WordPress blog or website according to your requirements. This is possible by using plugins as well as using certain functions. This article presents an easy to follow guidelines about WordPress Codex and the basic functions that can be used to customize your blog.

10 ways to customize your WordPress blog

Customize your blog according to your needs is really important for the growth and development of your blog. This article gives 10 ways or methods to easily customize your WordPress blog.

The main files and directories in WordPress

This article gives an overview of the major files and directories in WordPress. Is it really important to know about these files and directories for the purpose of editing or modifying your blog.

How to add Google+ profile widget / plugin for Wordpress blog to get followers

This article tells how you can add a plugin for your Wordpress blog to allow your readers to follow you on Google+. Just download these simple plugins for free and allow you visitors to follow you without messing up the look of your blog with images and links. Read on to know about the few plugins available for adding Google+ widget on your site

Best Wordpress Plugins to protect from AdSense click bombing

Click bombing is common all over the world. It is being reported that Click bombers are targeting mostly Asian bloggers. If you facing click bombing on your Wordpress blog, plug-ins will help you in preventing it. Go through this article and get known of some of the best Wordpress Plugins to protect from click bombing, their usage and how to install and much more.

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