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Best free Applications for Windows 7 Phone

In this article, I am going to discuss about "Best applications for Windows 7 phone". Many applications are available in the "Marketplace" for Windows 7 phone's. But choosing the best one's will be little bit difficult. Applications with their usage is discussed in detail in the article.

HTC 8X review, user feedbacks, specifications and price in India

This article on HTC 8X Windows 8 phone is reviewing the device by discussing it's features, specifications and current price in Indian markets. I have also included the most important user reviews, feedbacks and rating given by the buyers of HTC 8X. Read on.

Best Windows Phones from HTC, Nokia and Samsung

In this article you can find the price list of all currently available Windows Phone versions like 8, 7.8, 7.5 and 7. Do you know Windows Mobile OS is different from Windows Phone? Just read the article below to know more about it.

HTC Windows Phone 8X

Microsoft and HTC have pinned their hopes on their yet to launch smart phone “HTC Windows Phone 8X. Microsoft expects this handset to be the torchbearer of its latest operating system and expects to give stiff competition to Android. HTC on its part will look at addressing the same segment that the iPhone 5 and the Samsung galaxy S3 cater to.

Hands-on review of HTC 8X Windows Phone

Are you thinking to buy HTC's Windows Phone 8X? The phone is packed with features and is a prize winning smartphone with great compatibility, superb performance and stylish looks. Read the HTC's Windows Phone 8X review to know more about this phone and an in depth description of its usability and performance.
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