Windows 8 - In a Nutshell

Windows 8 is the latest Operating System from Microsoft.Introduced on October,2012. It brings in a plethora of changes in the Windows ecosystem.Read on to know more.

Windows 8 Operating System is the latest offering from Microsoft. Successor to the immensely successful Windows 7.The technology world came to know about its existence during 2011. And since then, there has been lot of hype and hoopla surrounding Windows 8. It finally hit the market on October, 2012 bringing an end to all speculations, anticipations and of course- Rumors! Windows 8 is significant in ways more than one. Firstly, it embarks a change in Microsoft's approach to OS customization and customer offerings. Secondly, with Windows 8 Microsoft gave great impetus to user experience on Mobile and portable devices

Windows 8 brings in immense change in the OS User Interface. A touch friendly grid and block design which is inspired by Microsoft's “Metro" design code. With an all new Start Screen. Yes, the Start Menu has vanished in the Windows 8.It also integrates various apps and a digital app marketplace (Windows Store) alike Google Play or Apple Store. Imminent technologies like USB 3.0, NFC (Near Field Communication) and Cloud Computing gets lot of impetus with the Windows 8. The BIOS has been replaced with UEFI which facilitates a much secure and robust boot environment. Alongside all these potentially customer-centric customizations there has been a change which might turn users off. Windows 8 no longer supports playing DVDs via Windows Media Player, due to certain licensing issues.

Windows 8 received mixed reactions from its early accepters. While few patrons swore by the secure, robust environment and the unique user interface of Windows 8. Few first time users complained about a non-user friendly and “confusing" design. However, it will be too early to say that Windows 8 is not successful. But going by Microsoft's sales index for the first quarter of 2013. We can say that it is yet to get a sustainable grip of the market!

So that was Windows 8 in a nutshell for you. Keep watching this space for more news and views about Windows 8.
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