About the latest Windows 8 features in a nutshell

The latest offering from Microsoft which you can use on your
personal computers, laptops & tablets etc is called Windows 8,It has done a complete makeover of the UI of the operating system. It comprises two separate parts -the desktop, which looks very similar to the Windows 7, and a different and unique start page. If you have upgraded, it recently, then you will take some time to understand its different features. Here are some important features of Window 8 you can glance through

Windows Defender is one of the distinctive features of Windows 8 which can easily take on the malicious viruses and spyware.You don't always need to have a dedicated antivirus software. Faster shutdowns and quicker startups. You simply have to press Alt+F4 together and it will shut down even before you think.If you are fed up of looking at the same ordinary desktop, then you can relish yourselves with a creative and lively Desktop with Widows 8.You will be amazed to see the tile-based interface once you log in to Windows 8.

Here is a list of some newly added Windows 8 features:
Windows Store - Alike Apple Store, like a digital marketplace for apps

Microsoft account integration- User profiles can be linked to Microsoft account which post synchronization can act as a database for all your information.

Explorer- New look for the Windows explorer.Brings your most used folders, apps at one place.

Internet Explorer 10 - A fast, robust and dynamic web browser which comes pre-installed with Windows 8.

Family Safety provides enhanced safety at file and directory level.Doesn't need to be installed via Windows Live.

Windows Defender based on the award winning Security Essentials is another enhanced feature of Windows 8.

Apart from the ones mentioned above Windows 8 extends its support to virtualization through Hyper-V.Introduced Windows ToGo,Hybrid boot mode and plethora of other features.
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