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Windows 8 Consumer preview may be defined as the previews which can be done by the consumers who use the OS Windows 8. Windows 8 becomes popular among people. It is an Operating system for computers, tablets and many smartphones. People have their own opinions on Windows 8. They express their views on webs, or to friends, or relatives and so on. These views are collectively called as Windows 8 Consumer Preview. In this preview, people share the information about how the Windows 8 is helpful to them, What are the merits of Windows 8, what are all the demerits of Windows 8, etc. So if you want to know more about this Windows 8 Consumer Preview, find out the related articles and reviews which are available below.
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Complete Procedure to Download and Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta)

Finally Microsoft's Latest OS Windows 8 is out in its Consumer preview form, which is aimed for Mobile and Tablets enabled with Touch interface. It was released in the MWC at Barcelona on 29 th February. Here is a guide for you to know how and Where to download Windows 8 and the Installation Procedure.

Available Apps in Windows 8 Customer Preview

As Windows 8 Customer Preview is very shortly going to launch in the market, I guess most of us would be interesting to know about it and the apps present in Windows 8 Customer Review. So, here are the various apps and features present in the Windows 8 Customer Review
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