Windows 10 Preview for the technocrats

Windows 10 Preview is an upcoming version of the Microsoft Windows Operating system, initially announced on September 30, 2014. The version is about to be released by 2015.

Launch of Windows 10 was first hinted in the Build Conference, April 2014. Windows 10 aims to overcome the shortcomings of the user interface that Windows 8 have. It is said that the Windows 10 is going to be user friendly for the non-touchscreen devices like laptops and personal computers. Windows 10 comes with the ability to run Windows store apps within windows on the desktops. The availability of Windows 10 for laptops and desktops makes it the most unique version among all the Microsoft Windows operating system and can also be used in the tablets and the smartphones. So as you see, all tech geeks need to wait for few more days to test the Windows 10 in their machines.
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