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Get rid of wires for Internetworking and Internet browsing. Here are articles about various WiFi devices and WiFi Networks.

Wi-Fi network and devices are must to have when productivity comes into question. Here is knowledge about various types of Wireless Networks and Devices and Software programs to connect you everywhere.

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How to use your Laptop/PC as a Wi-Fi router using connectify software

In this article we will see how to configure our laptop/PC as a Wi-Fi router. We can configure our laptop as Wi-Fi router and get connected our other smart devices and share our internet connection via this configuration. This is very easy with the wireless adapters and free available softwares.

Railways to give free WiFi service in Bangalore

Bangalore division of Indian Railways has launched a new service called as BluFi in Bangalore city railway station. This will allow the passengers to download videos, games, wall papers and Railway information in their mobile phones by just switching on blue tooth in their mobiles. All these services are free of cost.

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