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Sony Xperia Z Ultra: Review, Features and Specifications

Are you looking for a review of Sony Xperia Z Ultra? Here you can read detailed review about Sony Xperia Z Ultra, which mainly features 6.44-inch Triluminos full HD display and latest Snapdragon 800 processor. Lets find out its new features, pros and cons.

Best Waterproof HD Camcorders in India

Enjoy your adventure sports and want to catch those precious moments in water with a waterproof HD camercorder? Stop your search right here because here we bring you the top HD camercorders in India. Read on to know more.

Review of LG Optimus GJ E975W - Waterproof smartphone

If you are looking for new release of a smartphone from LG, then you are at the right place. Because, LG is all set to release the LG Optimus GJ E975W smartphone of Optimus series with new features and specifications. Read this article to know about the features and specifications of LG Optimus GJ E975W smartphone.

Review of Liquipel, a nano-coating for making mobile phones waterproof

Are you panicking about the accidental liquid spills and splashes on your mobile devices? Are you worried that the vital components inside the device may get destructed due to the liquid spills? End all your worries right here for there is already a blessed solution Liquipel, a new technology that protects your devices from liquid spills or corrosion.

Sony launches waterproof smartphones in 2013

This article talks about some of the waterproof Smartphones that are available in the Indian market in 2013. Read the complete specification and features of the two phones. In this article we are considering the Smartphones Sony Xperia Z, Sony Xperia Acro S and Sony Xperia V. Since these Smartphones support waterproof feature, this article will be an interesting one. Now let us take a look at its features and expected price in the Indian market.

Waterproof Smartphones Comparison

In this article we are considering the smartphones Lenovo A660 and Sony Xperia Go. Since both smartphones support waterproof feature, this article will be an interesting one.
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